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True Surrender

In this audio excerpt, Sat elaborates on the true meaning of surrender.

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Farnaz: In Portugal You had said “the true meaning of surrender that I have had the good fortune of having the wisdom of is when you surrender your personality and it really says surrender; it means destroying your personality. Or realizing your personality - that is true surrender, in surrender the word of surrender should not exist.” Can You please elaborate on this quote?
Sat: Yes absolutely. When you come to at least understand that the personalities were ideas that were accepted by the mind, what happens? How do you destroy it? By not going with it! It’s not as though you take a hammer and start beating yourself up. It is by neglect, by disidentifying [with] that and identifying more and more with the silence, with the peace, the ananda. This is the way; that is what is meant by destroying it. Destroying means it [the personality] no longer stands up powerfully.
Farnaz: The word surrender should go?
Sat says enthusiastically: Yes, yes, yes. We go back to the orange, when you are eating the orange, you can explain it is sweet, it is a little bit sour, etc., etc. But if you were the orange, what would you say? When you surrender, it means the elimination of untruth is gone. Where is the memory to start analyzing and wanting surrender? When you are separate from something, you want it. When you are one with it, there is no want and there is no person to want it. That’s what it means.
Farnaz: Does it mean that as long as we say “I surrender,” we don’t really have it and it is another trick of the mind?
Sat: Listen, if it works, even if it is most likely temporary, go ahead and use it. But I am just saying what is the highest surrender. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say “I surrender” and feel better. But the highest surrender is oneness with what you want to surrender to. I think our sharing throughout the years has always pointed to the highest Self, which is your original Self. Now, there are degrees, like going up the ladder, you can say “I surrender” … you can do all sorts of things. But until the object of what you want to surrender to is you, it is one and the same, this idea of surrendering will go on, as a separate entity.
Again and again I want to bring to you guys’ attention, probably I am going to talk to Myself now- the sum total of all the efforts and sadhanas, all the pilgrimages, all the holy books, all the sacrifices and tapas, when all of that is done, is the moment you realize that you are not the personality and the thinker is an entity that rose from your Reality, that the thoughts don’t have power, that the body is temporary … just a few things- those would be just a repetition of activity in the name of spirituality. They are good steps, but the essence of realization lies in elimination of untruth.
You can memorize holy books, you can even preach about them and then come another lifetime, maybe your number is up to actually roll your sleeves up and start discriminating. (Remains silent)

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Sept 02, 2021

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