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This Is Our Life - The Art Of Living

Sat discusses the importance of being consistent in our practices in order to keep our peace in tact.

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Bahar: I have a simple sharing from that was meaningful for me. I was kind of busy today, and in general I feel like there is a lot going on in my life right now, though everything is wonderful. In the middle of the busyness, I just sat on my couch and went into silence, even though it appeared as though I needed to keep doing what I needed to do. At first, I just had a moment when I laughed at myself for picking up the doership and going with the busyness, but then I just had this sigh of relief to have this wisdom, these tools and practices. I noticed how it shifted what I was doing, how I was feeling, everything became so much lighter. I cannot say how grateful I am that in each moment of each day we can choose to not go with things that seem bothersome, stressful, etc. and we can just Be. I am so grateful.
Sat: I say it again and you guys might get tired of this sentence, but contemplate on it, the very important point is that this is our life now. In other words, if those of you that do not practice as often and find yourselves in the prison of the mind, it is because of a lack of consistency. With you, you sat down, you knew you were hurrying, and you were feeling the weight of all the activities you have to do, and for a moment you said, “No, let me sit down and just be quiet.”
It is really important because I have seen throughout My life people who come and they go, or they complain about not having progress. It all lies on their ability to be consistent. As I have said before, you cannot feed your body once a week. You cannot drink water just in the morning and say, “I did it.” The same applies here with choosing the practices during the day and closing the shop, even if it is for one instant, even if it is one thought of remembering throughout the day, it is important. We cannot say we are on a spiritual path and then not do what is required to keep the peace in contact.

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