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The World Shocks Me

Sat says the biggest help we can give to the world is to work on our own silence.

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Mandana talks about how emotional she gets when she is confronted by the cruelty and lies of the world and how it affects her. She also mentions that recently Sepideh had told her that she needs to stop talking with herself about these subjects and digging herself deeper in a hole.
Sat: Well, she gave you very good advice. The biggest help you can do is through your silence of the mind and through the helping of your own self. It has been proven to Me millions of times throughout My life that the less I interfere, the silence would do its thing. As Baba says, the world is not our business, and you might say, “Well, You get sad about children.” I don’t get sad about children; I get sad about what they have to go through to have this treasure (chuckles); how many lies they have to swallow before they are aware that they are not at fault. That I share to emphasize what an amazing opportunity it is for us to have our life carry the message.
If we do not protect our peace by not thinking about unpeaceful things, there is no way anybody else can help us. In order to have peace, it is to not disturb it. When you allow your mind to disturb your peace, you can’t say, “I don’t have peace.” You can say, “I went with unpeaceful thoughts.” Because as soon as you don’t go anymore, you have peace, so the peace really didn’t go anywhere, except the attention went and mixed with the unreal. We have to be watchful of that.

Reno Center
The World Shocks Me
June 26, 2022

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