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The World Is Not Our Business

Sat explains "The World Is Not Our Business" wisdom in detail and guides us on how to practice this wisdom by being equal minded.

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Sat: As we can easily see, there is a division in the world, in countries, in the governments, in between people. I see that the duality or the opposite is peaking to heights that we have never seen before. Different countries are taking sides for different purposes, and coming together as a unity almost looks out of reach. And this will get worse and worse, because humanity has not worked on its unity for centuries, rather it helps build this opposition against one another. (It) is the collective mentality that is going the wrong direction. Now, having said that, what is it to us?

I would suggest standing and balancing on the wall, neither this side, nor that side. And finding our balance where we can easily walk on this wall, and not to belong to either side–neither through the opinion, judgment, nor by taking either side. Now, what does this do for us? It keeps us in a safe place, where there is no lesson to be learned, no agenda to accomplish, no struggle to solve. And, this is exactly what our community and those of us that have grabbed the Truth are doing, whether in the United States, in Iran, or anywhere else. As the force of opposites, good and bad, rises up, we stay indifferent, equal minded, and we add to our understanding of the Truth– rather than trying to solve the problems that governments have, countries have, and the whole Earth has.

We leave that responsibility at the feet of the Divine Mother. And as a beacon of light, we just shine indifferently, purposelessly, and without any goal. This is our life now. We stay completely balanced, and try to show very little curiosity about what is happening around us. Nor should we have this idea of saving other people. The world is not our business, but our Truth is the only business we have at this time. So, we crusade aimlessly towards the Self, without expectation or looking for some sort of outcome. And this is the true life until every soul realizes that through love and understanding they can conquer, not through wars and discord.

Private recording
March 03, 2023

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