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The Whole Creation Pops Out Of Nothingness

Sat talks about how the practice of tracing thoughts to their roots helps us to not identify with the emotions, feelings and thoughts.

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Nilu: Dear Sat, I have a question; I was thinking about the thoughts the other day and I followed a thought to the point that it became nothing. Then another thought came and I was thinking when I follow a thought to the point that it is nothing, how can another thought pop out of nothingness? I would appreciate it if You can shed some light on that, thank You.
Sat: The whole creation comes out of nothingness; it is nothing beside that. Like we always say, there is an existence and a movement that we call shakthi. As long as there are tendencies where you have not had the realization that you are not your thoughts beyond return, knowing that “Oh my gosh … I am not the thoughts … the thoughts and the thinker are one and the same” and somehow you have the awareness of not being them. That’s when they don’t pop out, there is no more movement, but as long as there is an entity to receive it, it continues.
So, this practice only helps you realize who you are not! It’s not about eliminating thoughts but to realize “Oh my gosh if [I follow] this thought that used to bother me and I used to identify with …” [if I follow it, I find nothingness]. Say your thought says, “You are not skinny enough … then I became not skinny enough!” But now when you follow it to the end, you find nothingness, then the quality of reaction, the quality of beliefs is not going to be there like before.
So, yes, everything rises from nothingness, even when we are being in silence and we feel the silence and everything is completely still, there still could be a pop, an emotion, a feeling or a pain in the body! So that’s how it goes. Once you realize over and over that any thought, if you have the strength to take it to the end and not be moved by it, it turns to nothingness, that is a huge way of starting to not identify with the emotions, the feelings and thoughts.
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April 14, 2022

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