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The True Meaning of Our Traditions

Sat encourages the listener to look more deeply at our traditions and to try to find the most profound part of each and pass that down. Then She leads an Omnipresent Meditation.

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Sat: Now, Thanksgiving comes every year and if they can, the families get together and have a really good time; they get to see each other, so it has a lot of benefit to give each other love. But the most important part of Thanksgiving is in the name - thank you for giving!
The highest gratitude is in the silence of your own heart that goes directly to the Source and this is why we put our hand on our heart, just to bring the attention down. So, this Thanksgiving on Thursday, let’s inspire whoever is our guest to do the same, whether they are on our path or not. Just put your hand on your heart at dinnertime and encourage your guests or your family to do the same. Keep a couple of minutes of silence and in that silence have some sort of connection through gratitude. Because the Omniscient - whether you are giving your gratitude to your mother, father or your Guru, when you go to your heart, in your oneness with them, touches that Source. A lot of fuss is given to the food and the tradition, but who makes the tradition? Human beings! So, let’s pick the most profound part of any tradition and emphasize on that.
Christmas time is a time of giving because Jesus symbolizes Christmas and He was known to give love, abundant love! Let’s be more aware, Myself included, of what tradition really is to us. Which part of it can we emphasize the most and be an example to the people around us? So, through us, they can also understand the deeper meaning of Christmas, Thanksgiving and any other tradition that we follow and we should, because it is a time of celebration and passing on things that our ancestors taught us! (Remains silent)
On that note, let’s put our hand on our divine heart, where our Home is and close our eyes. Take a few deep, slow breaths, so we can sink in. Can you feel the silence? You should be able to feel the silence of your Home. In that silence, there is Allness and emptiness at the same time. Allness because it is infinite! Just in a whisper say whatever you want to say to yourself, to your higher Self. (Remains silent)
Namaste to all of you.
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Sat: Now today, the reason I wanted all of you to come - I took a long walk and I was contemplating in silence and I came to realize that it is very important that we take occasions like this and we walk the walk. There is so much preparation that goes into the tradition for something meaningless and useless and I think now each one of us have to be the light that is exemplary for the family, friends and colleagues - to know the real meaning of Thanksgiving, the real meaning of Christmas, the real meaning of any other religion or traditional approach that people have. Let’s do less commercial [commercialization], less buying, less spending, less eating and put more into our silence, our gratitude, and our realizing that we have family around, we have people that love us around, and really concentrate on each other’s Divinity rather than the multiplicity of the tradition. So, this is why I think the most beautiful meditation for tonight is the Omnipresent Meditation because it is not you and I are one - you and I are we. I and I are One. And in this meditation [of] Omnipresent, there is no you, there is I and I are one. When we sing the song of “Divine Father Sohum you and I are one,” - NO, Divine Father Sohum, I and I are one. We don’t want to become many. So, let’s really take advantage of this moment. Let this moment be completely new for you without any memory, without any knowledge. We just sit down and go by the instruction of Omnipresent.
An Omnipresent Meditation from 10/20/2020 is played.
11/25/2021 - Thanksgiving Day, Private Gathering

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