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The Story Of The Child On The Way Back Home (2/2019)

In this classic video, Sat uses a parable to show the journey towards freedom. In the story, there are two roommates, one of whom is the “Boss” (representing the mind) that tells the other inferior character what to do. In the beginning, the inferior character (representing the entity each one of us recognizes as ourselves) takes orders from the Boss but slowly starts to feel squeezed due to his obedience to these orders and eventually gathers enough courage to question the Boss’ authority and his own obedience to this Boss (representing Self-inquiry). Through this inquiry, he realizes that the boss has no real power and discovers his true Self and ultimately, freedom. This story is a sequel to “The Story of the Child on the Way Home” (available in Love and Wisdom).

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Just imagine that there is a person who is living with another person, who is his superior. The superior one tells the other how to live, what to do, etc. This goes on for some time, and the person taking orders is happy to have someone telling him what to do, where to go, where to sit and how to think. This goes on and on until he gets tired
and starts to feel a little confined and squeezed. Still this is his life, he continues and he feels more squeezed by do's and don'ts, and all the judgement that comes towards him. Eventually he realizes that what gave him direction is taking away his peace and limiting him, squeezing him, and he becomes restless.

This goes on for a while, and his restlessness and confusion grow. Finally, he sees that there is something wrong with this picture. He sees that all of the directions he received that appeared to be so pleasant are multiplying, therefore making his life really hard. So, he begins to see that what he thought was good is actually the cause of his limitation. Once he sees that, his journey starts seriously.

Until we come to this conclusion, we are really just playing a game. Now, this person symbolizes each one of us, and the one that gives direction is the ideas that our mind has collected and accepted. So, each one of us is obedient to the direction of our mind. If we are not obedient to the direction of our mind, we are obedient to the direction of
others' minds. Until we realize that all of this obedience, reaction, acceptance and beliefs do not have any base, or do much good, we continue to obey them. Once a person realizes that the mind is not enough, and the one that obeys it is not enough and it is too limited, the expansion starts. As long as we have not accepted that the mind is no longer enough, we have not begun our journey.

No matter how much you worship, or do all sorts of things, no matter how charitable or good of a person you are, until you realize that the mind and the body are not enough, the journey has not yet begun.

So, what happens to this person in our story? He decides, “No! Enough is enough. There is something wrong with this picture.” And he starts questioning it! Before he starts questioning it, he runs to a corner every chance he gets to sit quietly, and take a break from being bombarded with demands. So this goes on for a while, at any time the boss isn't in the room, he sits in the corner and says, “Let me take a deep breath, or maybe I should go to sleep, maybe a deep sleep will save me…maybe a deep sleep will save me!”

In other words, before he realizes that the mind is not enough, and he just sees that it is annoying him, the first step he takes is to start doing the Stop Meditation. Any
chance he gets, he sits down in silence and stillness to get a break from the mind, or he wishes that he could be in deep sleep to get a break from the mind (The boss).

He starts with Stop Meditation, which is what we started with. This means that whenever he is not with the boss, he sits and tries to be quiet, tries to empty. But until he gets up and goes where the boss is and says, “Listen, who are you? Who gave you the authority to order me around? Who even sent you?” he only gets brief breaks. Once the person expresses this, the boss sits in one corner and stays quiet.

So this is the story of each mind, each person. We start doing Stop Meditation, which means that at every moment when we can free ourselves from the pressure of our reactive life, movement and changes, surroundings, the boss' orders and obedience to name and form, we sit down and learn how to go Home, to just watch the thoughts. However, when we come out, the mind begins to give orders again.

When we learn to take quiet time from the boss and do it enough times, we learn to do it more often, while we are doing our daily activities. But until we question the boss, until we question our thoughts, until we question our obedience to our thoughts by saying, “Who is upset? Who is it that obeys all of these ideas? Why is it that all of this obedience made me tighter and more depressed?” the boss will not give up!

That is what we call self-inquiry, meaning that now we have learned where Home (Silence) is, and we have taken the power of our obedience from the boss, but we haven't faced the boss. This is when our journey to liberation starts, when we learn to be quiet, and we learn to face our thoughts and say, “Who am I? Where did these thoughts come from? Why did I think it was helping me? If it was helping me, then why do I feel more squeezed?” This is the beginning of the dawn of release, freedom, and peace and this is what we are doing. Now for some of you, questioning might be hard, but you have to trust what I am saying.

The reason it is hard for you and there is resistance, is because you are really getting rid of yourself, the self that caused you problems and there is resistance to that. Once this resistance, this wall, is broken and falls down, the boss vanishes and the freedom is there.

So, this is the true religion, true belief, it is to empty ourselves of anything that has suppressed our freedom, our peace. And then later you find out that there was no boss at all, just this idea, this fear that every thought created, and we believed it. Now this is lovely, this is good news, this is real religion, this is real living, and we are on our way!

When you question your obedience to suffering and pain, it begins to weaken, and once you become so familiar with the lies, you become so familiar with the idea that what you
believed was not even real, that the thoughts are not real, that is when Stop Meditation happens automatically. Automatically it pulls you into the silence, which we call God, Home or Self. It makes Stop Meditation much more pleasant and agreeable.

And then the very beautiful part of the story is that when that happens, the boss begins to sit by you and be quiet. The boss will even direct you to be quiet. So, where there was once limitation, now the mind and the body support the soul to go towards its source. This is why you sometimes see that during the day, you are reminded to remember who you are. That is the mind being purified. The boss is being purified to cooperate. And once this cooperation begins to form and the mind, body and spirit are all working together towards freedom, then everything happens automatically and you are on your way to finality (Home).


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