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The Purpose Of The Five Senses

Sat discusses the purpose of five senses and the difference between inner senses and outer.

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Nilu: What was the purpose of the five senses that were given to us?
Sat chuckles and says: The five senses are allies to the mind, they have to bring information for the mind to process and make the body move toward that. The whole thing is physical and mental.
Now, going deeper than this, the mind that has been programmed for this world is different than the mind that is pure. The senses that go out and gather information and sensations are different than those senses that are within. The body that we see as flesh, blood and bone is different than the body of the Divine that is within! So whatever we see as an entity, collective of mind, body, senses, etc., they too are pure and unlimited on a bigger scale. So I don’t know if I am making sense for you guys, but that is what is happening here now.
As you remember, we had a meditation where I said “when you want to feel ‘I am’, you have to go to a subtler place, a subtle mind, [in order] to be aware of it.” What does that mean? It means that when you go beyond the pictures, there is this mind that is an avenue of the Reality. The senses that we use for gathering information, also in a subtle form is the one that feels the silence, that knows the silence, that touches the silence, that can taste the silence.
In Most Precious it says you see without eyes, you touch without hands. What is it saying? It is saying there are inner senses and now we are becoming familiar with the inner life which is much purer; anything that is subtle and subtle and subtle is purer and purer and purer. Everybody knows that, like the five elements, they have different degrees of subtlety. When the enlightened souls say that they have an inner life, this is what they mean. We leave all the faculties that serve in the maya and we go to the source of each sense, which is the purity!

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The Purpose of Five Senses
April 21, 2022

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