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The Inner Guru Will Not Let Us Go

Sat discusses the importance of the inner Guru.

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Sat: It’s really interesting because every one of us, including Me and those in this room - it is so rare for a soul to be ready to receive what we are receiving. For us it is ordinary, [but] it is COMPLETELY not ordinary! We are talking about things that perhaps nobody is interested to hear. He could blow people’s mind but the beauty of it is that we are ready and our readiness is our attraction to it. We are attracted to it because the inner Guru is stimulating this charming attraction towards it- so the whole thing can merge, the whole history and individuality.
How we are all zoomed [in] to get to the essence of His teachings. It is not about succeeding; it is about our sincerity and interest that will not let us go until we arrive out of the cloud of ignorance. Tonight, I am just impressed that way. That it is not about failing in our practices or not being able to Stop properly, but the inner Guru will not let us go, the true Existence, no matter how many times we fall as a personality.
I want for a moment we close our eyes and recognize beyond the thoughts, and the thinker and the bodily needs, there is a Presence, there is a silence, there is an infinite divineness. Let’s for a moment all of us accept that and be aware of that. Beyond everything is you! (Remains silent)
We all feel the silence, the being here and the okayness that goes with it when the mind does not interfere, and the thinker does not get involved. That is who we are and every day with the grace of the Self, the Guru, the Ultimate, we feel it more and more.
Reno Center

Feb 13 & 15, 2022

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