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The Importance Of Meditation In The Morning

Sat talks about the importance of sitting in silence or listening to something inspirational in the morning before starting the daily activity.

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Bahar: A few mornings ago, You had talked to me again about the importance of meditating in the morning and starting the day right. You had said, “When we put that as something more important than the rest of the day, the rest of the day carries us in that mode.” I have really been seeing that. A few days ago, Radha and I were walking together. We were talking about how more and more these days we see that the only thing that seems important and really the only thing for us to do and that we are able to do is to meditate and to put the stillness first- for ourselves and our families. I wanted to thank You so much for showing us over and over the right way to be, to do and for making my life so beautiful and full of grace. Thank You.

Sat: When I say meditation that one should do in the morning, I don’t mean a dutiful sitting down and closing your eyes. I mean that you put your priority, like you guys did, you put your priority into silence before the activity arrives, which arrives the moment you open your eyes. You just say no to that [thought of] “I have a more important thing to do” and just sit in silence or listen to something inspirational or just be quiet with soft music. Just putting that ahead like you were saying.

Bahar: Thank you, I really have seen such a difference and I see how it carried me.

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