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The Home Is Inviting Us

Sat talks about how Home is inviting us to release everything within it.

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Kumud shares about a walk she had gone on early in the morning, listening to an audio from a Sai Center about the treasure house and how to access it at all times, as it says in Most Precious. After she gets ready for work and is driving, she sees a man with a wheelchair on the sidewalk, but he is on the ground. She gets concerned about him not being able to get back in his chair and makes a U-turn to go to him. He tells her though that he does not need her help but rather asks her for a cigarette and or if he could buy one from her. When she is leaving that area, her phone automatically connects to the car and the remainder of the same study circle she had been listening to now plays. But she is plagued by thoughts of if she could have done more, could she have helped him more?
Sat: Thank you so much for sharing that; it has a very strong point in it. The point is that in your story, even though your action was so noble, so kind and so full of compassion, it still took away your peace of mind! Because you had to leave your natural state to attend to something that is good and wholesome. That is something for everyone to remember, in general when we have too much activity daily that we begin to lose equanimity, even if it is the highest thing, I think the Home is inviting us to check in, to release everything in There. It was a very, very beautiful story to tell and I am sure we will all benefit from it.

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The Home Is Inviting Us
July 19, 2022

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