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The Essence Of All Religions

Sat talks about the essence of all religions and their teachings and how the problem is not the prophets, it is the presentation of ignorance.

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Sat: I don’t know how and why, but we are granted this understanding of the essence of Baba’s teaching, the essence of Jesus’ teaching, the essence of Mohammad’s teaching, Moses’ teaching, etc. and it is up to us to really keep it in our treasure house and then when the time is right to share it with others. Because I know religion has a really bad rap with a lot of people and that is unfortunate.
When Moses went on the mountain and he heard God and asked “who are You?” And God said “I am who I am.” Later on, they translated it to “I am That that I am.” So, when he asked God ‘who are You?’ He says “I am who I AM and nothing more or nothing less.” That is another indication that different prophets come down and they have exactly the same message. But unfortunately, the mind of man translates it or adds to it or misunderstands it to a great, great deal where the result becomes divided religion, divided prophets! The Truth is one and yet the human mind divides it to many.
I mean Sai baba came and took the Avatarhood in this lifetime; His
main mission was to bring all the religions together as one. The problem is not the
prophets, although many people who leave the religion blame them. It has nothing to do with the prophets; they worked hard! It is the presentation of ignorance, a human trying to control, trying to ... whatever their motive is. And that is not even their fault, they are just very ignorant. But for us to know it and to really treasure it and to know the worth of it. Then if someone comes from Christianity, from Islam, from any religion, we can shed some light, if they are open to it.
I was talking to a bunch of Muslims at one of our retreats in Bodrum, Turkey and I
knew they were doing a lot of rituals, etc. One of them said to Me, “I don’t need to
do a lot of that ...” I said to them, “No, the Truth is not about you leaving what you
have, it is to understand it more. Then if the ritual falls off by itself, it is not our
decision, then it does! And I really believe that in Islam, I have always said it, the
crux of the most important roots of Islam is La Ilaha Illallah. It means there is
nothing but God! Do they understand it? Only the mystics understand it, the rest
are just swimming in falsehood.
So, I am very, very grateful to all of us to give our ears to God, to understand the
teaching of Baba when He says “You are God.” Why? “Why does He think I am God
when I go through the day and have to solve stupid problems and I am not happy at
times and I am suffering at other times.” But He is telling the Truth. We just don’t
get it and now we are beginning to get it. We are beginning to understand. Why? I
don’t know! Maybe we have been around too long, wandering in the bazaars and
crying out.
It is not a one-night journey and it shouldn’t be, because it is so beautiful to let it
unfold within us and then we become a torch for others, and at their time they
become a torch for someone else. That is how the whole jungle can turn to fire,
jungle of ignorance!

USA Chat with Sat
January 04, 2024

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