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The Entity

Sat discusses how each entity will eventually seek its source and true release in this audio excerpt.

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Aida: In 2018 in Mexico, You said, “That entity finally gets grateful for its own elimination. That is obedience to the Self; finally, the entity realized what it is and it is saying, ‘you know what, I am better off to merge. I am not going to go through any more struggle to live as an individual, I have had enough, I am listening, I am obeying, I am eliminating, I am cooperating, eliminate me! I have had enough taste of that which is eternal to know better.’” My question is, does the entity ask this of the Guru?
Sat: Yes, the entity is just seeking its Source, that’s all and it comes through the repetition of what is uncomfortable. Then it seeks its Source, it seeks release. You know at night there are times when we might have an unpleasant dream. First we want to solve it or run away from it or have fear, etc. And it gets to the point when you say to yourself “I’ve got to get out of here … I’ve got to wake up.” Next thing you know, you find yourself in the bed. The same thing happens in life in the daytime, where one gets tired. It doesn’t even have to be pain or suffering, just the repetition gets too old, too monotonous and meaningless. One of the signs of wanting to break the chains of slavery is when you get disgusted with your own mind and the mind of others and you just say “you know, I have had enough” and that is when one seeks the Source. And each being in different times will do that, [it] will finish the game and will release its ignorance.
If we take a little bit of a contemplative approach to something very ordinary- we get together every Tuesday and I don’t know about you guys, but for Me the [next] Tuesday happens five minutes after the last Tuesday. To Me it passes so fast, the time is so meaningless to Me, that it seems like when I am reminded that it is Tuesday, I say to Myself “ah” as if the whole time was a Tuesday. The point I am trying to make is that the weeks pass by, the years pass by, but there is an existence within each one of us that is not an individualized existence. It’s just the existence that you experience, I experience. It is beyond the time of Tuesday and Thursday and it’s there. It is always there; when you were two or three you felt it, at ten or eleven you felt it, now you feel it, ten years from now you will feel it, it is beyond the age of old, child and middle age. It is beyond time; there is something beyond all of these changes, even time, days, months and years that has always been there. It is a witness, it is not actively there, while everything else actively changes- the cells in our body, the thinking, the situations, the families, the countries, everything changes. The time changes from 6:00 o’clock to 6:30.
That is the existence we should be aware of, be conscious of, because that existence is the pillar, then changes happen around it. That is the silence that I am talking about and practicing the presence and feeling yourself. This is the presence and existence that goes beyond birth and death, it’s our true, true beingness and how often do we visit that or recognize it? We recognize that today is Tuesday and tomorrow is going to be Wednesday, but we don’t recognize this existence that never changed! Before birth “I” was there, before Abraham, “I was … I am.” What is this “I am” that surpasses the birth and death, the form and formless?
In the silence and with the techniques we have, we become more familiar with that part of eternity and eternal Self than the changing self. The changing self survives from birth to death, the unchanging Self never changes. Therefore, when we are established in this understanding, we will have much more equanimity and wholeness! Does everybody follow Me or am I talking to Myself?
In any case I am talking to Myself anyways and it was really deep and enjoyable. I really appreciate these moments together because it is much more profound than anything that creation can offer as far as the changes go. So, namaste to all of you.

USA Chat
July 27, 2021

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