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The Ego Has Fear Of Not Surviving

Discussion on an excerpt from Chapter 1 of "I Am the Child” book.

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Bahar talks about the impact that this book has had on her and how her understanding of it has changed over time.
She adds: I felt a sense of hopefulness that there are steps to undo what was done to us.
Sat: Yes, that is exactly why I wanted it to be pulled out again, although you guys are doing it on the weekly parenting calls, because it is precious. It should not be left on the bookcase, letting it collect dust. It is really a map and the good news is that we know it first and it is such a relief to know that what happened to us happened to every child that has been born. We are the few all over the world, I am sure there are many people who came to the same conclusion but compared to the population, it is still very few that we know and at least we feel the relief.
Just knowing it is good enough and then when the soul is ripened enough it becomes easy to practice it. it becomes something that, “Yes, this is my life now … I now know how not to put more impressions on myself … [and] not allow the world to shock me.” The least that will happen is that we are watchful of not gathering more.
Mansour: I had a new perspective on what You said here Sat, going from “I am somebody” to “I am.” On the surface, it seems like we are going to strip ourselves from the survival skills and knowledge of this world. As I am thinking about it, I see that it is actually going Home, we throw away the old maps that are obsolete and are just not useful anymore - they get us more lost. My understanding of the baggage that You are talking about is the relying on the mind to show us the way and not on the whole Truth that is our reality. Even on the level of managing maya, it is better not to rely on the mind. This is something that just dawned on me as You were reading.
Sat: Yes, absolutely. It is not that you lose your education, what happens is that you don’t rely on your survival. The ego wants to survive, but the only thing it can do is have fear of not surviving. The real survival is the self, that is the one that survives from the beginning to eternity. The ego just displays wanting to survive out of a belief system, and that is just a fear and it will do any extent of things, whether it is education, whether it is hard work, whether to avoid, whether to resist, [in order] to survive. But that is a phony survival, the real survival is the elimination of wanting to survive because the survival is already our nature, survival means being, not not being.

Sai Center
The Ego Has Fear Of Not Surviving
June 6, 2022

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