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The Day Dream Has Lost its Rigidity

Sat explains day dream can feel real when we are not alert to our own Divinity. As we practice more, the weight of its reality becomes less. She also teaches we can find the quality of the day dream through contemplation on the night dream.

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Nilu: I was thinking about what You have said about the day and night dream throughout the years, and how for me, the day dream has lost its rigidity to a point. At times though in life it still feels real, I do know that we have all the tools and reminders signifying that it is just a day dream. Can You please shed some light on the times and the situations in which the day dream does feel real?
Sat: The only time it feels real is when we are dreaming it, we are unconscious. Meaning that we are not being alert to our own Divinity and the temporariness of the world and that is something that does happen. Because the human part also has to live in this environment. But as we practice more and more, the weight of the reality of the temporal becomes less and less and that is so true if we look back at our lives, we find out that somehow in the thick of things, something can wake us up and we can find our balance in a very unpleasant condition. That I call Art of Living! Also, to accept that human part and not want to get rid of it, but sort of give it a habit of knowing where Home is and where it can find its peace.
That is all I can say, as one advances and matures in the Truth and the understanding of the Truth, that also happens automatically where things don’t sit with us as much as say five months ago, a year ago, two years ago. Like I said, we also have to have a little bit of compassion in the humanhood and not get frustrated with it if we slip emotionally or mentally, to just recognize it and try to find some silence.
Just the fact that we know the night dream and the day dream it really helps, because it is a carbon copy of one another. When we want to do and to fix and to change the situation it becomes really frustrating and hard, we can always refer to the night dream and say “how successful was I then?” The dream just ended automatically by itself, whether I was emotional or not.”
It is a really, really important contemplation on the night dream to find the quality of the day dream, as it is by dwelling in your own Divinity to find the totality of Divinity. It is like a signpost, one makes you realize the unreality, one expands your consciousness to the Whole.

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April 18, 2023

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