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The Best Way To Stay In The State Of "I Am"

Sat explains the best way to stay more and more in the state of “I am."

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Question 1: You have said “I am” is the key and ‘I am’ if it is purely held onto, will take us to the immense silence of the mind.”
My question is we have a body and we have a mind and somehow during the day these two get polluted. What is the best way to Stay more and more in this state of “I am”?
Sat: Well yes, that is true but it is like a scale. Say in the old times you go to buy an apple. They would have a scale with two sides to it. They put the apple on one and a metal square (or weighing tool) on the other to measure how many pounds or kilos it is.
We have to live in the body and there is no doubt that the body moves by the mind and the thinker. But as we listen to the Truth year in and year out, and we have a better understanding of It and start having roots deeper and deeper in our consciousness, it does the trick itself.
But we have to have a lot of patience! Just the fact that you know the Truth and you can go back to It and review It again now and then, you are way ahead of other people who don’t even know what the Truth is or have any interest to go after It.
We have to live in the world but at the same time to be doing what we are doing- listening to the Truth, reading the Truth, discussing it in satsangs, having some quiet time for ourselves when we get the chance, etc.
Little by little, we begin to discriminate what is permanent from what is not and that is all we can do. That is all we can do! It is like going to school to learn different subjects. At first you are overwhelmed but then you can become an expert in the end, by just studying. There is no shortcut unless you have done your hard work in another lifetime. I am still working and practicing.
Question 2: Can we live and work actively while we are staying with “I am” or we stay with it for a short time and live with the effects of it- which is peace or joy and again we have to make another contact with the “I am”?
Sat: Yes. Again, I think that was answered- the more you are saturated by the Truth, the more often you remember [It], until it becomes automatic. Another thing for us to remember as much as we can now and then is that we rush to do different things. We rush to accomplish; we get up in the morning and do so many things that we have to do.
But we never stop and ask “who is it that is doing all of that … for whom am I doing all of this?” As soon as you recognize that, the “I am” is kept pure again. Because you have to feel yourself, and then that is a spark of light that comes in you and makes you remember it for a while and then it will be forgotten. But as we do it more and more, it becomes easier to first remember ourself and then others.
If you look into the human way of living, you see that if they think of themselves, it is in a selfish way. It is about their comfort, it is about their family, it is about their own food, etc. But that is not thinking of yourself!
What the Truth is asking us is not the wanting of the ego that we have to observe- how much it wants or doesn’t want. It is the feeling of Existence. It is a feeling of Beingness that was with us from the very, very first breath after birth, and will be with us until the last breath and then freely goes on afterwards. It is an unchangeable Being that is not touched by any circumstances or any way of thinking.

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Jan 04, 2024

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