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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Concepts

Sat explains the way to weaken the ideas and concepts is to spend our leisure time going into silence.

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Mandana shares about the weight that all the titles she has carried throughout her life have been for her.
Sat: Thank you very much for sharing, I would like to add just a couple of sentences and that is when we recognize that we have accepted a lot of ideas and concepts, the best way to get rid of them is not one by one and saying, “Ok, I don’t have to be in this role”- but to spend our leisure time going into silence.
Also, the other thing that really weakens [it] is not that we give up our titles, we are not attached to them anymore. We go through life with a freer movement. So one of the best ways that has helped Me all through My life, is to not believe it and yet live a life as you did before. By not believing it and not going with it emotionally, what happens is you are still a mother or a wife, but something happens. I cannot explain what it is, but I assure you it does, something happens that there is not this struggle or like you said expectation. And that is because you do not find yourself to be the doer, so there is no longer a question of an expectation. You just move freely and not only do you move freely, but you also shed light around yourself. However, we need to invest some time in dwelling on the words of the wise and to also find that silence and release ourselves in it. Everything else will fall in the right place, otherwise if we analyze the day-to-day life, there is no end to the discussion in the mind of different roles. So, our thing is not to move anything around or any type of personality that is in us. We do not find fault with ourselves, we just don’t believe the roots of it anymore or to a certain degree less and less. This way we are cutting the roots of ignorance rather than plucking the leaves!
Something takes place, something happens by association with God within your own heart that moves things around and makes it better. I call it grace, but it is your association with that Source that brings this fruitation.
If the teaching of the great ones was to say do’s and don’ts: “You have to be less aggressive … you have to watch your anger … you should be this and you should be that… etc.,” that is very good for most people in the world. But for those of us who really want to go back Home, it is not effective. Again, I go back to association with the ultimate Self or God, that is what does the rest of the movement in our life.

Sai Center
The Best Way to Get Rid of Concepts
JUne 19, 2022

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