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The Attention Is Consciousness

Sat talks about attention and consciousness.

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Nilu: The part that you said about the child that the pictures are drawn, and then the attention grabs it, is the attention also another line on the canvas?

Sat: The attention is consciousness, which makes things appear. When you pay attention at this, you see it, Right? Your senses follow it, your eyes! When you pay attention to someone that is talking to you, you hear them. But if your attention is with T.V. when they talk to you, (then) you don't hear it, right? So, attention is consciousness. When it mix(es) with the mind, it is impure. When it mix(es) with the heart, it is pure. So, you would be hearing me saying, “attention is the mind, because it was mixed with the mind.” But when you take your attention to the heart, what happens? Everything merges in that, the thinker, the thoughts! By the way, this is just a game.

After Livestream
Attention is Consciousness
Feb 2, 2022

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