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The Art Of Living Is Your Life

Sat discusses how the Art of Living is your life once you choose the inner path.

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Aida: My dear Sat, You have talked so much about how this is our life, can You please talk about the importance of our practices being our life?

Sat: Give Me a good choice!

Aida: Aside from it being our life?

Sat: Yes, give Me a good choice why it should not be your life. When I say “let it be your life” it means don’t get impatient, don’t criticize yourself, don’t put yourself down, don’t get too elated; just know that Stop Meditation or any other practice that you do, it is now your life. Instead of reacting this way, you will be reacting that way; instead of choosing conflicts, you choose simplicity. It becomes your life- that is what Art of Living is, giving you a new life. So, it’s not so much, “When am I going to arrive … when am I going to be enlightened … when am I going to get there …? ” It is not getting there, there is nothing there to get. Ask yourself, “Where is it that I am supposed to get to?” it is now, it is in every action, in every thought, in every belief system, etc. by watching. It is our life and there will be a hundred times of failing, meaning not being able to practice. So what? If you do it at 101, you are one ahead of 99% of other people in this world.

So, there is a freedom in movement; spirituality does not need to be another box, another prison, by all means, feel free to move around and choose what you want to do at every given moment. But once you choose this inner path, then it is going to be your life. It is not arrival, it is living. It is living to the end!

Reno Sai Center

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