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Taking Care Of Others

Sat discusses the correct way of taking care of others.

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Mandana: As I watched my mom taking care of everybody, I learned to do the same thing myself- helping everyone to the point that at times I sacrificed my own self to make sure everyone is happy and having a good time. Recently it has become very exhausting for me. Although I really enjoy doing it and continue to help others, I want to know how I can actually be able to take care of myself and be able to not see it as a chore rather than something I really used to enjoy a lot.

Sat: Yes, life has many chapters and I think those of us who are very giving, it is an unbelievable trait and I am sure all of us on the chat are, and it always brings the best to us through our own loving heart. But like I said in the beginning, sometimes the chapter changes and it is not that we don’t give anymore but we also learn to give to the Self. And I am not talking [about] the self that has a lot of wants, desires and resistance, [but] that Self that permeates throughout our being and also invites us to silence.
As much as giving is amazing, there comes a time where the giving has to be to oneself, at least regularly. That is something that we have to teach ourselves because this is not a routine we adapted throughout our lives.
My suggestion is quality- when you are having quality [time] with someone, that is wonderful. But when it begins to be quantity and there is no need for the quantity, someone’s life is not dependent on it, you need to quit, get a hold of Mandana and really nourish and invest in that.
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Taking Care Of Others
June 9, 2022

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