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Surrender & Grace

Sat talks about true surrender and how to feel Grace.

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Question 7: Is it true that by surrendering we align with Grace?
Sat: True surrendering means removing yourself as a troublemaker. It is impossible to completely surrender as long as we are human and we believe that this is who we are. But when we say that “I want to rely on that Grace or the Promise within me,” and then we taste the result of that, it encourages the ego to not be somebody as much as it was before, so it is a pathway to removing what is not us by the method of Trust Meditation.
But when we say “I surrender,” it is really something that is momentarily sometimes and at other times it will not be. But the understanding of what is happening here is that when we go to our own inner Source, and we rely on the fact that there is a Promise that “if you don’t take thought, you will be taken care of, or if you don’t have too much anxiety, I will take care of it.” What it is really communicating is calm down, it is not about surrendering. It is calming down the individual, individuality, until there is no need to be calmed down.
One time I remember Baba saying “to whom are you surrendering and what is your capacity of surrendering?” In other words, just by knowledge, free yourself and the reason. I think the Trust Meditation is very effective because it does not talk about surrendering- which is a responsibility of the mind. It just says “come to Me, come to Me, there is no two with Me.” If you can just take no thought at this very moment, you will see that things will go much smoother, easier and simpler for you. We have all experienced that.
So, the word “surrendering” for Me l feel like is a word for the mind to take responsibility for not being able to surrender, and “why am I surrendering right now but two minutes from now I am not surrendering, what is happening to me?”
So, let’s replace surrendering with the fact that when we go into silence and rely on that source of the Grace and for a moment even drop our anxiety and stay in that understanding, we see that things will go smoother.

Question: Is Grace pure love, love of Self, that takes us Home to Itself?
Sat: Grace just IS and because It just IS, our Isness is Grace. The reason most people don’t feel it and they struggle is because they don’t settle down enough to a dwelling place to really see it. The struggle is not normal, it is not the nature of Reality, but the separation gives this idea of having to do more mental agitation and gymnastics.
But I have to also say that we have to live as the body and the ego and the mind. So, we just use that whenever we can as the Art of Living. The most important [thing] is that we stay away from judging ourself, condemning ourself. Whenever we see a little bit of anxiety or any type of thing that is trying to fool us, we just settle down, because we now know where our treasure house is. We don’t have to rush to it or worry about not having it, just a very mild remembrance during the day is enough.
We don’t want to be perfect because the Perfection is our nature. We need to chill even on the spiritual path and not be forceful or cause another type of anxiety. Just remembering that we are free, that we are divine, like we tell our children is a good reminder to settle down and not to believe our situation strongly. And also have some sympathy for the part of our humanness, that “yes, I find myself here and I am going to work with myself.”
Again, our path is a path of freedom, not bullying ourself or our approach to life. We go through life easily and if we cannot remember it, then we don’t. If we fail, we come back much stronger. If we forget, when we do remember, we hold onto it longer and that is all that we can do because we are just caught between humanhood and divine-hood.

I love all of you very much, be kind to yourself. Namaste to all of you.

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December 07, 2023

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