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Stop Consciously

Sat talks about how to do Stop mediation consciously.

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Sepideh: At the last Sai Center You spoke about practicing the Stop Meditation
consciously. You said:
“When we want to do Stop Meditation, consciously look at your mind and not go
with it, not to push it aside and say ‘no, I am not going with you,’ Face it, look at it,
be conscious and release it.” (2.25.24)
I'm not clear how is this different from resisting your thought that usually You say don't do. Would you please explain this?

Sat: It is very, very important.
Say, a thought of resistance comes and you feel it in your body or a thought of
anger comes, or any type of hurrying- any thought. Immediately because you have
learned Stop Meditation, you say “I stop.” Just as much as your thought was
unconscious, you did not invite that feeling or that thought, your answer is also
unconscious. Because it is happening in the mind, you are saying to yourself, “I am
going to stop, I am not going to go with it.” But this is not very successful at all, it
is better than nothing but it is not successful.
What should we do then? When something unpleasant comes, any suggestion
towards yourself, any judgment towards yourself or your life, become aware of it.
Don’t try to run away or remedy it- not at all. Just be present and look at it and be
exactly in NOW. Either reject it, or ask “where did you come from?” and you realize
that it is nothingness because it turns to silence. Or you just look at it and
something in your heart knows that you are not going with it, because you are
present. And your Presence will nullify it. This needs practice.
From the very moment you get up in the morning and there is a yucky feeling in
you, or in the middle of the night, you get up to have a glass of water and there is a
worry that comes to you, Stop! Don’t push it away. Just Stop! Look at it very, very
conscious. You know you are sitting on the bed and looking at it. Either just look
until it goes to nothingness or say “where did this thought come from? Let me go to
the beginning of this thought pattern,” and you see it is nothingness! Or just Stay
Still, unmoved by it and it vanishes.
Every practice, every wisdom that we want to put it as Art of Living has to be
conscious. It should not get tossed with other unconscious reactions we have. We
cannot allow the Stay Meditation or Stop Meditation to become habitual of the mind-
to throw a rock at us and we say ‘Stop’ unconsciously. No! No! That doesn’t work.
Then it gets to the point, once you are conscious that being conscious has more
power than unconscious, without the Witness really having anything to do about it.
The conscious comes and looks at it and the unconscious vanishes.
We have to get the rein out of the hand of unconscious thinking to the hand of the
Presence, now! Rein of the wild horses! That happens slowly and again if you
cannot, it’s ok, you are still an amazing human being.
Do not make that another quest to go and accomplish. There is no quest, there is no
place for us to get there and realize it. A moment of now consciously- you are
already realized!

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March 05, 2024

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