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Sat discusses simplicity and how we are returning to it on this path.

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Sepideh: I was watching this documentary on how the people who live in the desert in Sudan are so happy and grateful, even if they have nothing, including food. They are just happy and grateful people. I was thinking that somewhere along the line, we learned to see imperfection and lack through our society and culture. Yet people who do not have anything do not see it.
Sat: Yes, simplicity! Anytime that you are in any type of a tribe, a place that is away from civilization and there is a simplicity, it means that their mind is simple. That means the mind did not have all these ideas about what is happening around them. It is very fortunate to be born in a place of simplicity but because we were not, we were born in big cities, with lots of people and lots of learning, we are going back to it. They have nothing on us, because we are also trying to be simple (laughs).
Your food intake is simplicity, not making a fuss about things is simplicity, simplifying activities is simplicity, not going with complex thoughts is simplicity. Making a point without using too many words is simplicity. Like Saint Francis said, “simple joys are holy.”
Millions and trillions of money are spent for people to go on an extravaganza type of a trip to have joy. For the people you are talking about, just being in the desert is joyful. The less you know the more you are, [it] means “I am.”

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