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Silence Is Beyond Words

Sat discusses how silence is who we really are. She goes on to reveal how none of us actually know anything about who we think we are, thus pointing us to the unreality of who we believe ourselves to be.

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I am sitting here, and you are sitting there, and she is standing up, and she is sitting on the couch ... who is sitting on the couch? Who is standing up? Who is sitting here? If I am the body, if this is me, I should know everything about
it. If the flowers here are really the petals and the stem and the leaves, the flowers should know everything about it. If a dog is truly a dog, it should know everything about it … about its body, its function. If I am the mind, I should know everything about it. I should be completely in control of who I am as a mind.

Do we ask ourselves that? A bird that is flying doesn't know anything about itself. Nobody knows anything about who they think they are. That’s funny. And we take it for granted. So ridiculous. I say “I am such and such, and I have such and such proposition, and I am strong ...”

What do we know about strength? Do we know where it comes from? Do we know what the source of it is? Can we always use it if it is us? We don’t know anything about anything. Why? Because we are none of them. That is why we don’t know anything about them. Because Silence does not need to know.

In Silence, there is nothing to know. There is no need to know. Could we not be that? Since we don’t know anything else? The Silence, it is not a thing, it is not a place, it is not a stage. It is beyond knowing or not knowing, beyond being or not being, beyond having or not having. Would that not be who we are? Since there is no need to know, and since we don’t know anything? Then we can rightfully say that anything known, that we think we know or we think we don't know, cannot be ...

It must be hard to understand because what I am talking about, where I’m coming from is not in these realms. It isn't. It is an awareness that is beyond ... just think about it. If we were the knowing, we should know. Flowers should know, the birds should know… Could it be that nothing is as it appears to be ... only that which doesn't need knowing or not knowing, being or not being is the truth of us?

So, when we stay, we are beyond the body, beyond the mind that we have no clue about whatsoever, and we cannot even say what we are or what we are not. It is too bottomless, it is too space-less, it is too... there are no words.

Being quiet is not a word, it is not a place. There is no word for it. It is genuinely beyond anything that can be conceived.

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