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Selfless Love

In this audio, Sat talks about the process of developing a selfless love.

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Question: Dear Sat, I always see You as an embodiment of love. In Your presence, there is nothing but love, and You always give us this divine love. Baba always emphasizes on “Love all serve all” but in this world, I find it’s difficult to love everyone in all circumstances. I would like to have more understanding of this selfless love. Thank You, Sat.

Sat: Selfless love … I am talking about My own experience … is not always selfless. It starts with desperateness; it starts with a feeling that “I want to please God.” I am talking about My own personal life; it could be different for each person. But this is how it unfolded in Me, from the childhood, when I was a child, as small as I can remember, My parents always told people about different stories that shows what I am trying to share with you guys.

I had very much sensitivity towards pain and suffering, and at that time, I didn’t have any pain or struggle Myself, because I was very small, but I could see it in the faces of grownups. So, I used to sit in front of people and make faces, and anything that a child can do to make them laugh. And then as I grew up, it was a rebellion and frustration, but going much more forward, when I started feeling pain Myself and a struggle in My own mind, I wanted to please a power that was greater than Me, in order to get some grace by doing that. So, My love was out of need, but nevertheless, it was for the Highest purpose.

So, I went out onto the streets, I went into shelters, I went into old people’s homes, and even out on the streets, without My kids and My family knowing, and started serving. Through that, I started feeling closer and closer to that Source, and of course by studying the self-recognization, non-dualism, and having a Guru that was an embodiment of love, and before I knew it, I wasn’t feeling love the way that I used to feel love, as an emotion, but it was a flow that didn’t need to have a purpose to give. And it wasn’t out of need for Me, but this happened very gradually.

To answer your question, when the need is not there anymore, but there is this joy of seeing everyone content, that’s when the love, I would say is closer to the divine love. But it is not so much emotion or attachment, or pain in it, and then at that time, you don’t even know you are a loving person, I have said that many times, other people tell you, you are loving, I guess it becomes your nature. And every one of us has that capacity, and it is not something that you will, it is some process that needs to take place, at least in My life.

We go back again to Jesus, where He says, “I am the servant of God, I am the son of God,” and then “My father and I are one.” When He said “servant,” He needed a reward, He needed a salary, so He started doing service and that’s what happened. Then He became closer to the Source, where He became the son, where He didn’t need a salary. What I mean by “salary” is the need is being met, because there was just love between the lover and the Beloved. And then, that turns to wisdom and then the closeness gets very tight, where He could say, “I and My Father are one.”

This is the journey of every one of us, going from oneness to separation. And then going back again to oneness, while we are still embodied, and that always brings unconditional love. Because like Baba says, “God is love” and the closer you feel mergence with that Source, the more love you will experience. So, we are all on our way to that.

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