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Self Inquiry

In this audio excerpt, Sat elaborates on the worth of self-inquiry and provides an example by dissecting whether the world is within or outside of us.

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Sat: Do any of you ever ask yourselves, “Where did I come from?” That is an important question. I guess I am asking to see how many people do self-inquiry which is a very big part. Silence is silence, self-inquiry is something that unless you know what it is, it is hard to explain what it is. It is like a torch that you take to a dark room by just wanting to see what’s going on in that room.

The people who are highly evolved say that the world is within you. But we see the world not within but outside! Well … as long as we keep ourselves in the imprisonment of humanness, the world is outside because we are one individual and there are so many bodies on the phone, with different individuality. Then you look out the window and there are trees, mountains, birds and lights, etc. So, how can we believe that the world is not within? When it says “within” I am talking to Myself, it is not within the body, it is within the consciousness. There is only one consciousness, and everything appears in that one consciousness; nothing can appear outside of this consciousness, you can also call this consciousness Existence.

At night when I go to sleep, I have dreams within my individuality; in that dream there is a world of activity, there are people, and it is very sudden, it is nothing that I planned on having! I just slept and in the light sleep I started seeing images and there were so many individuals in my dream. Women, men, children and sometimes I would see animals if I was on My walk in the dream.
Now, in the dream I was an individual, subtle individual- meaning I didn’t have a physical body, but the mind had created a body in the dream, identical to the dreamer. If someone came to me, to the entity in the dream and said, “The world is within you,” I would say “No thank you … it is not within me, it is without me… I am just a part of this world.”

Where did all this story come to be shown? In the consciousness of the dreamer, nothing was separated from the dreamer. Even though it was imagined, had it not been the dreamer, the dream would have not existed. Now, in My dream I go to a deep sleep where I surpass, I go beyond the state of dreaming as a dreamer in the bed. I go to a deep sleep where there is no mind, there are no entities, there is not even a dreamer; it just is. I can’t say there is no existence because it is; the dreamer didn’t go anywhere.
Now, I wake up in the morning after my dream state and the deep sleep and I find myself in this dream. Again, if we look at [it] as an entity in the dream or as somebody in the dream, the dream is outside of us. The world, I am talking about the world being outside of us but really the whole world is in that consciousness that is being conscious of it. So therefore, everything in the world or in my private dream, their source is very passive, it just is. The dreamer didn’t get up in the middle of the night and have his or her dream as a reality. And in this one, in our day-to-day life, this is why the highly realized people say, “Please understand that you are the consciousness, not the contents of it!”

And that needs self-inquiry. What does it do when we do contemplate on that? My experience is that when we contemplate on that, it gives us a feeling of a deep sleep while we are living. Not that you are inactive and useless and no good, no, it is the opposite of that. There is a knowingness that others don’t know of- that acts like an individual. So, this is the worth of self-inquiry, to really dig into the things that I have believed and caused me pain, stress, depression, ups and downs and [feeling] lost, where do I stand in it … what is going on?” Of course, the base is silence, of course it is like a deep sleep, but in order to be in that state permanently, it needs digging!

Now, it might be disappointing to some of you, it might be uncomfortable for some of you, it might be good news for others. But I am talking, when I say “I am” it is the consciousness that you are, talking to itself, for whatever it's worth, even to My physical. The consciousness becomes the Teacher, the Guru. (Remains silent)

All this understanding comes from inquiry, and as we get used to this truth and contemplate, we feel expansion because this limited self is such a bad prison- at best. I mean we all have beautiful lives, but it is very unstable, the moods change, the feelings change, the thoughts go through so many things. I guess I was never satisfied with a morsel of truth.

There is a curiosity that is not collecting information, education and all of that. It is an inner curiosity that is very, very helpful and it turns to inquiry and discrimination. You cannot discriminate unless you have inquiry, I mean you can, but it is on the surface. It is not deep enough and when we do inquiry it has to be something that we really want to know, because God doesn’t give it away unless you are really interested. And then you zoom in without allowing the reasoning or the intellect mind to start jabbering about what it has learned, it is an art that I really invite everyone to try!

I think a lot has been said tonight, it takes a long time to digest it if we are interested and if we are not, we throw it in the garbage (laughs) - as I would say in My classes. I feel very, very fortunate to be able to talk to Myself, which is the Self in you and bypass the mind, the intellect and reasoning.
Namaste to all of you.

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