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Self & self

Sat explains the real Self vs. the small self.

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Mandana: Is the small self the shadow of us when we still identify with our body, the outside body? When we see the shadow of ourselves, is that the small self vs. the big Self where we identify with our Being?
Sat: I am going to try to answer you, but I might go a little bit beyond that. So, what we call [the] small self is just that entity that is thinking that it is only the mind and the body. But the base where this entity came up from, like spring water, is that silence. In reality there is no small or big, but as identification, as a human, we say “small” self or the “big” Self.
I have given this example before, and it is just symbolic; it may not be exactly what I am trying to refer to. Say for example you are going for a walk and the sun is behind you and there is a shadow in front of you. But when you turn around and are now going towards the sun, the shadow is no longer in front of you. This analogy just shows that when we identify with the reality of who we are, there is no more personality or [a] person to even call the small self.
As we all know, [the] small self was just a thought that came with the body and got developed by the environment. In reality, it is only the totality of existence which we can call the real Self.

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Self & self
June 9, 2022

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