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Sat's Message To Humanity

In response to world conflicts, Sat shares guidance on how to live in unity, peace, and love by focusing on divinity and releasing the ego and memories

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This taping is for whoever has the courage to listen to, understand and benefit from it.
Twenty one years ago, a few months before 9/11, I had intuition about what was to come. And then it started, the unrest in the world and the change in the world as if everything was being stirred and changed. Those of us that see it and benefit from the understanding of it will live happily. What I came to see through it, and try to be exemplary of it, is the unity and divinity and love that has to reign in the world. “Me and mine,” individuality, holding on to, controlling and all of that brings misery. It just is not tolerated like it used to be because the heights of it were never as high as it is now.
So I would like to declare that within each of us there is divinity and there is a cry for unity and love. We have to put our differences aside. We have to put away our sensitivity, roll our sleeves up and be a beacon of light as we are in a deep, deep part of our being. So I would like to invite not only my family and friends but whoever hears these words to give weight to these words and to have a life that is giving, not only to others but mostly by investing in oneself and finding that eternal peace and eternal joy.
Little conflicts turn to big conflicts and the big conflicts turn to something that is damaging and not necessary. Let’s live in simplicity, openness, love, forgiveness and all of these characteristics of the divine. First of all, it benefits oneself greatly. I know, I lived it. It is tragic for oneself to not get it. To not live it, to not realize it.
My message of love today is, please invest in your peace and invest in unity. Understanding is the cause of unity. Not everyone can be like everyone because the personalities vary where the reality doesn’t. Let's have tolerance for one another. Let’s see through the conflict and find harmony. Let’s not let our ego, which is built of personality, and the personality lives on ideas and acceptance, to tarnish our loving heart. Let us be open to every moment with a newness and not memory and anticipation. The memories are old. When we bring them into now there becomes a file that is as thick as our heart can handle.
Do we have courage to be new? Do we have courage to forgive? Do we have courage to have peace rather than conflict and disharmony? How much do we want our freedom here and now? Invest. Invest. It’s simple. The complication comes with memory and the newness has absolutely no weight, no burden on our shoulders. I want to invite every listener to please be part of this new era of a Divine Mother that is bringing hardship to those who are not willing to change and joy to the heart of those that get it, understand it and live it.
Thank you.
Sat’s Message to Humanity, March 08, 2022

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