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Sat talks about the nature of resistance and how to break it through wisdom.

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Aida shares about how she had had depression from the time she was a teenager until she was 29 when she came to Sat. For the past few weeks, she had been having a tough time in her personal life and the old fears of possibly going into a depression had become louder and more prominent and she had the honor to ask Sat about it. To which Sat said, “These thoughts are BS and a lie built out of resistance, of not wanting to be where you are at that time.” Aida gets emotional on the call and reiterates the worth of having Sat, because not only do Her words save a life, but they help one to get over old fears and or tendencies. She asks specifically if Sat could reiterate more on resistance and how it plays out so intricately and deeply in one’s life.
Sat: Thank you very much for such a beautiful sentiment. Resistance is very related to memory, memories of good and bad and it is not personal! It is something that gets woven in the mind of black and white. Resistance is when we are not ok with now no matter what the situation is and we feel it in our gut, we feel a knot in our head. Even physically and mentally we can tell that we are tightening up. Resistance is only for ego, for survival, and it is nonsense. [There] is a training that needs to take place, where one of the things I ask everyone to do for instance is when you don’t want to dance, dance, when you don’t want to sing, sing, when you want to frown, put a smile on your face. When you want to talk nonsense, keep quiet! It is almost breaking those unconscious habits of the mind and obedience to the mind by the thinker or the ego. So it is a process of using the wisdom, being alert to see that there is a resistance and releasing yourself in relaxation, being conscious of what is happening inside of you and being ok with it. These are all maturity that comes with all the practices we have!

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May 17, 2022

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