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Repeated Patterns In Life

Sat discusses how to deal with repeated thoughts and events in life.

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Tahmineh: I was wondering if you can inquire about something that has happened to you to find out why this has happened or just things that are happening right now you can inquire about?

Sat: So, what you are saying is say something happens to you and you want to know why it happened?

Tahmineh: Yes.

Sat: I would say good luck! But there are some situations that no matter how much you put in the effort, you can’t accomplish it, then you can ask, “What is it showing to me?” But to know the cause of why that happened to you, it is not that easy to know. But you can say to yourself, “Why am I failing at this …” not in your case, I am just saying it in general as an example. “Why am I in the same situation all the time?” and that is when one should sit down and say, “What is in there for me to know … what is it showing me?” and that is inquiry.
But to say, “Why did I fall yesterday?” etc. it is hard to follow an event but you can again dig in and ask for shedding light on the situation- that you can do. Because I don’t want you to lose your energy, get frustrated and not get anywhere by trying to find out “Why did that happen to me?” But if it is repeated just say, “What do I need to see?”

Sepideh: Dear Sat, there is something I wanted to ask that is related to what You were talking about having to do with repeated events in my own life. A few years ago, I kind of saw that the same kind of stories kept repeating in different forms. But when I became aware that it was the same thing repeated in a different shape and form, I felt that they kept resolving on their own, simply because I became aware that, “Oh this is the same thing. It might look different, feel different but its base comes from the same root.” I was wondering if You elaborate on that?

Sat: Well, when we are watchful of the activity of the mind, which we should be, then we see a thread in our emotions and another thread in the repeated thoughts and repeated events, which are the outcome of the repeated thoughts. Being vigilant, being conscious, and the reason you saw that is because for a moment you became conscious. You said, “Wait a minute … this is what is happening” but imagine most people don’t even know that they have this option within themselves to see that. Like I was saying to Tahmineh, of course I don’t know what the situation is- just being vigilant, but if there is a chain of events that show obstacle after obstacle, then sit in silence and ask for light to be shed on it. Or really inquire, dive in and see if there is anything that you can see in it intuitively that would give you the news of getting out of it, out of that cycle. But to just say, “Why did this happen to me and how can I find out?” is very hard. The activity of maya is really hard to predict.
I think another thing that is very important is that we don’t put 2 + 2 as 4- saying that “Well … this happened … this happened … then it must be this.” It has to be intuitive, otherwise it is a concept. The best way to activate this intuitiveness is to be curious in silence.

Adrienne: Sat, something in me has changed a bit and for some reason I don’t know why I condemned myself for so long. When I look back now, I see that there were these promptings from my inner self that guided me so well. At the time they seemed like mistakes but actually weren’t.

Sat chuckles and says: That’s wonderful, that’s beautiful, that’s again being alert, being present. Somehow you woke up to not the repetition, the warning and condemnation of the mind, something in you shifted into seeing the events as stepping stones. We really are not the doer; honestly, we are not. I mean I look at My life, I had nothing to do with it. I am sitting here and talking to you guys, I really don’t know what part of Me has something to do with this. Or your listening, it just is and when we realize that, like Adrienne was saying, we see that whatever happened and didn’t happen, accumulated to this moment together, this present time to us for each other.
Whatever we had or didn’t have or made a mistake or didn’t, all sum up to now! (Remains silent)
Yes, condemnation is notorious for women, I know very well- it used to be My best friend. It needs questioning or just being aware. Condemnation was not created by God. It is mind made.

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