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Realizing "I Am God" Is The Last Step

Sat discusses the importance of realizing we cannot be separate from God.

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Sat: It is easier to realize God is Omnipresent, particularly through the Omnipresent Meditation, which I think is an amazing way of demonstrating that God is everything. But the part that comes that is hard is “I am God,” which I want all the kids to really, really practice when they are young. Ok God is Omnipresent and then still we feel the separation. Do you see what I am trying to say? We give all the compliment to the Omnipresent God, but as a child, like Liyana sitting there, she has to realize since God is everything, she cannot be separate from it, I cannot be separated from it, etc., that is the tricky part to realize, that is the last step.
So, we sit around and talk about God and we really admit that we know God is Omnipresent, wait a minute, who are you then? That is what the maya blinds us with. Every satsang, every scripture, every essence of every teaching is trying to remove this veil; it is one of the toughest veils, unless you start early, you just believe it as being true.
But again, we come back [to] when are we going to realize that by the fact that all is God, then “I” am too?

Sai Center
Dec 12, 2021

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