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Questions And Answers With Sat

In this video interview, filmed in a villa in Lisbon, Portugal, Sat answers questions submitted from students around the world. She covers topics such as recognizing and eliminating the ego, how to deal with desires, having an empty mind, and dealing with the struggles caused by worldly borders.

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Radha: Dearest Sat, people from all over have submitted questions in the hopes that You would respond to them here today.
One person asks: On Your sacred birthday of Your body this year, You said, “Who is grateful? The one that thought it was an entity over many, many lifetimes and suffered through them! That entity finally gets grateful for its own elimination, that’s obedience to the Self.”
My question is what is this entity, what is it composed of, how can I get to know it better and use that recognition to free myself?
Sat: We’ve talked about that a lot, it was a beautiful, beautiful saying, I want you to read it one more time, because the quote needs to be contemplated on. Go ahead.
Radha reads the quote again: “Who is grateful? The one that thought it was an entity over many, many lifetimes and suffered through them. That entity finally gets grateful for its own elimination- that is obedience to the Self.”
Sat: That’s right, the entity is made out of ideas and acceptance of the idea, the idea of the body, the idea of the thoughts; these ideas take on a shape and “I am this and that” starts. And with the wisdom that we entertain we start to recognize that the thoughts have no base, they are just ideas. We also find out who is thinking, eventually realizing that that is also an idea. So, the reason I said that it is good to be grateful is because now you’re grateful not because you are so and so. You celebrate the birthday, because through this birth or through your birth and this body and that body, gratefulness comes that we get a chance to eliminate or recognize or cognize or realize, who we are not. And that is through wisdom, application of tools, which includes meditation and walking the truth in our thoughts, words and deeds as much we can. Once we recognize this “I am” separate from that silence that I am, then life begins to start having more equanimity, more ananda, more balance! So, yes it is a very important quote; I have talked about that many, many times. So, if the person that asked this question is so taken by this quote, I would suggest that you find more talks on this subject, and really contemplate on it and really make it yours.
Another person asks: Dearest Sat, you said recently that an empty mind is to desire nothing, how does this relate to the desire to be with You physically?
Sat: Desire is desire. Empty mind … we are talking about an ultimate empty mind, which does not know desire because all its desires have been fulfilled by realization of itself. But the desire to be with Me, it is as if you desire freedom. Each of us have different paths: one could be through devotion, one could be through wisdom, one could be through service. Every single path begins to purify itself to the highest of devotion, highest of wisdom, and highest of service. Correct service, I don’t mean more service, or more wisdom, or more devotion. Purity: when it gains its purity it knows itself. So they all end up in the same place, but they do go through a purification, and this purification could be through devotion and love, through wisdom and love, through service and love, but they all end up in one thing! They all end up in Ananda, Sat, Chit, Ananda, in the heights of their completion.
The same person asks: What should we spiritually do to help this dilemma of worldly borders to be resolved?
Sat: The limitation that the world has put on each other’s policies ... Keep on praying for the world by Omnipresent. Be fed up with it in quiet time. Spend just quiet time for this purpose of saying, “This cannot be right, this cannot go on.” And ask the energy of the Mother that has descended on this Earth to make it so that the children, those with good intention, have a freer life and can accomplish their highest desire. Having said that, that’s what (the) Mother does, but knocking at the door of the Mother does not hurt!
Someone writes: You’ve talked a lot about loving You without attachment, and about seeing You not as the form but as the Self. You’ve given us guidance to set free our love for You, to be in the moment and to never act from duty, but always from love. Is this the same as seeing You as the Self? Can You give us more guidance on how to do this?
Sat: The question is too long, let’s compress it!
Radha asks parts of the question again: How can we set our love for You free, and be in the moment and never act out of duty, but out of love?
Sat: By forgetting yourself, by forgetting that self that caused you trouble, by Being … Just forgetting yourself out of the love that you have for yourself (laughs).
Another person writes: What is the best way to destroy the false ego or the personal ego?
Sat: By seeing that it is not you, that is the best destruction and by application of wisdom and living by it. It’s not as if you can just take a gun and shoot it down. It’s through understanding. Through understanding the unreality of it, you become oblivious to it, indifferent to it. You are not under its spell. In thoughts, words and deeds, choose well, choose to go with wisdom rather than the old habits of thinking repeated thought. It’s amazing how many times I have repeated myself (laughs wholeheartedly).
The same person asks: Some egos can be identified easily, while others are harder to see or recognize. How can I recognize all the thieves before they consume my mind?
Sat smiles and says: Everything is a thief, everything is a lie, everything! So by realizing that, just that (laughs). By realizing that everything we believed was a lie! But that is through wisdom and application of wisdom that you realize, by contemplation on this wisdom you realize. You cannot repeat it to yourself without any base or foundation, it’s just another lie. So, again and again make it your life, to see the unreal as unreal, the real as real, and your job is done!
Radha: This is our final question, You were asked, “What is meditation?” to which You responded, “Meditation is everything that you are.”
Sat smiles wholeheartedly and says: Yes.
Question continues: “Meditation is not an act of doing, meditation is not a search or practice ..”
Sat nods: Yes.
Question continues: “Meditation is not something to strive for, meditation is be everything that you are.”
Sat says enthusiastically: Yes.
Question continues: So, my question is how to be that?
Sat: No, your question is nonsense, if one dwells on the first part of what I said, there won’t be any question! (Sat pauses) Meditation is everything that you are, not everything you think you are, but you are. Meditation is not an activity that we do to get someplace; meditation is having no activity so we are that that we are. The rest has to be contemplated on, it’s BIG!
Radha: Thank You.
Sat: Namaste.

Conversations with Sat
October 09, 2018

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