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Question & Answer with Sat May 28, 2024

Questions & answers with Sat about understanding & realization, loyalty, do not believe the world, concepts & understanding, and using the tools in tough situations.

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-Sat joins the call, welcomes everyone and says: I am glad to be with all of you. Now, Kavi will read the first question.
Question 1: Our first question has two parts.
Part 1: You often say that understanding turns to realization. How does understanding turn to realization?
Sat: When you are doing some mathematics, when you understand the problem, automatically you realize the riddle of that which seemed to be a puzzle to you beforehand. It is obvious that the more understanding we have of what we hear that is the Truth, the easier it is for us to see how true it is and it is easier for us to apply it in our lives. It is not just in spirituality, in any part of life, when we give understanding, in other words, our heart is open to the understanding of whatever we are trying to achieve, we can achieve it much better, even with day-to-day problems. If instead of reacting to it in an old way, we give it a new understanding, we will have a new solution for it.
That is what I think is the value of understanding. Understanding is always new, it is not from old memories, the understanding that I am talking about. It is not from piles of concepts from the past.
Part 2: How do I differentiate between understanding and realization? Said another way, how do I know if my understanding is realization or not?
Sat: When you don’t ask this question anymore, you have realized it.
Question 2: Dearest Sat, whenever there is an opportunity to be in Your presence, it makes my heart happy and my mind quiet. I am grateful for that. I have a question, what is the best approach for me to benefit the most and to fully appreciate Your presence? Both in general and specifically during these chats?
Sat: Yes, I think everyone of you who comes on the chat, are open to hear it. You all are enthusiastic to be a part of this chat. I think that is enough. You don’t have to prepare yourself, or be this way or that way. You just show up with interest and excitement to observe and to benefit. And that’s it, no more, no less.
I am sure that nobody is being forced to be on the chat, therefore we all come in, I know I do. When I commit Myself to come on the chat, I come with enthusiasm, an open heart, without any preparation, trying to be a certain way or trying to make sure that I am open enough. Just the interest is enough to benefit from it.
Question 3: During a morning devotional program, You had said “On this path, loyalty is the most important thing. Now, the question is what does it mean to you and why is it so important?” (10.1.14)
Looking back on my own path with You, the importance of loyalty has been etched in stone at this point. But I have also witnessed its evolvement. First, it was loyalty and a trust in Your words and their applications. Now though, that loyalty has been transformed to not deviating at all from seeing Your grandeur and who You really are as the Totality.
My question is does our loyalty then evolve as our capacity and willingness to see You as who You really are grows and evolves?
Sat: Absolutely. Absolutely! They say that the closer you are, the dearer you are. Yes, it evolves. The more everything is proven right to you, the more you commit to the loyalty to it and have an appreciation for it. That’s for sure [that it] grows.
But then again, if that is how you feel, you are very lucky because it could also decrease as the interest dies down. I always say that really it is the Truth that attracts all of you. It had nothing to do with My physical, it was always the Truth that you heard that made you attracted.
Otherwise, we come across many physical beings during our day, whether it is at our work or out on the street, or here and there. So, what makes it different? It is that one tells you the Truth, one gives you lies. If you really can discriminate between these two and get attracted to the Truth more than false, then your loyalty grows to that Source.
To Me that is one of the most important things. Like I said to someone recently, loyalty and sincerity are like twin sisters. They cannot go in different directions; they are almost attached to one another.
Question 4: How can we apply the wisdom of “Do not believe the world” in the moment? Said another way, when something unexpected or concerning happens in our daily lives, maybe with our work or with our families? Can You please walk us through a technique of what to do in the moment?
Sat: We are going back to the first question; it is all about understanding and it happens gradually. When we are in very peculiar circumstances we can say, “oh this is not real … this is just a dream …” and it might help a little bit, but it will not sink in until you really are convinced through your own experiences that this cannot be real. At least to a certain degree.
There is not anything that I can say that would remedy it immediately. It is impossible. But when we really look at life, when we look at our daily life rather than being involved in it, we just look at it, we will see that as much as it looks like it has consistency, certainty or it is really tangible, etc. we begin to see that it isn’t any of that- at least in some cases we see it.
It is the same way, when we go through our daily lives, we have to look at it without involvement now and then, like we do with our mind, like we do with our thoughts. Rather than constantly wanting to remedy something or get rid of something- just look.
When we observe it, we begin to see that it just falls apart. If we give it a chance, it won’t look as it would have if we were deeply involved with the activity, or [with] what we were talking about or what we were doing. Just the fact that we heard the Truth, we just have to let it simmer.
Ramana says something beautiful. He went into the kitchen [once] and saw the woman who had cooked for him loyally all those years. He said to her, “when you put your vegetables in the pot, cover it, let it simmer.” In other words, have patience, just let it sit there, let it simmer without any interference, without opening the lid, without letting the steam out.
So, yes, patience!
Kavi: Thank you Sat. That concludes the questions.
Sat: We can open the chat for somebody else that would like to ask a question or whatever you huys want to do at this time.
Mandana: I have a question about the first question that was asked regarding understanding. On last week’s chat, there was a discussion on creating new concepts. Today, You mentioned throwing away the old concepts and giving understanding to what we hear and what we learn. How does that differ from building new concepts from our understanding of what we hear and what we learn now?
Sat: So, let’s say that you hear certain phrases of wisdom over and over- without experiencing it. Then it is not as though you are convinced by it, you have just accepted it, like we have accepted all the other concepts and it becomes a memory. Then you go see a friend and the friend says “you know, I am not feeling good today,” etc. And you say to the friend, “you know life is just a maya, don’t believe it.”
That is a concept from the past, it is not new. What is new is that at that moment, what you are saying is coming from a new place in you. It is not just a phrase that was registered in your mind.
It is like our conversation right now. It is not a recycling of the past and it comes from a conviction rather than hearsay. I don’t know if I answered your question, because your question was a little bit vague for me.
Mandana: You did answer it. My understanding was exactly what You just mentioned that what we express sometimes, may not be coming from a true experience of it. But rather regurgitating what we have heard and what we think we have understood rather than experiencing it firsthand.
Sat: Which there is nothing wrong with as long as you sit with it yourself, until you have a deeper understanding of it. There is nothing wrong with learning, as long as we don’t make a concept. We don’t leave it at the belief stage, rather than being convinced by it, or having it make sense to us, or being moved by it, etc. Something has to take place beside saying “Yes, I agree with You, Sat … it sounds right.”
Question: Sat, I have a question. I try to use the tools, but sometimes something happens and I am not able to use the tools or I try to but it fails. I am wondering what do you suggest for me to do in those situations. Thank You so much?
Sat: Some times you might be in a situation, that is just overwhelming, it’s just overwhelming and the mind cannot detach itself from making stories about it and making the thinker suffer. At that time, if you cannot have the right approach to it, to eliminate it, please go ahead and go all the way in it.
In other words, don’t try this tug of war. If you feel like you are not strong enough to use the Sword of Truth, which you should be, but sometimes it is not possible, you don’t have the capacity at that time, just go to it. Just experience the pain and suffering, just say “Ok … this is my life for now and it will pass …” and go with your worries, go with your stories, go with your judgment, go with your self-inflicted pain! Then once you accept it, say to yourself, “Ok … alright … I am not capable of pulling myself out.”
First of all, it shortens the period of this dilemma. Second, when you come out, you have tasted such a bad taste that you are much more vigilant to stop it at the very first moment. Remember that! It’s okay, go through the pain so you won’t forget it. This is why I say nothing is bad that we say is bad and nothing is good as we say it is good. When these two come to a marriage of balance and the middle path, we have conquered the Art of Living!
If you are not capable of pulling yourself out, don’t run away from pain, if it is self-inflicted, which 99.9% of the time it is. Just know it will pass and when it does pass, please remember the scars (laughs). And you will remember it!
On that note, thank you for sharing your life with Me for these 30 minutes. May all of us pull our Sword of Truth out more often than any false temptation. Namaste to all of you.

USA Chat
May 28, 2024

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