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Question & Answer with Sat May 21, 2024

Questions and answers with Sat about freedom, focus, dealing with depression, unfairness in life, I AM, Divine Mother, concepts and more.

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Questions and Answers with Sat

Sat joins the call and after welcoming everyone, the following pre-submitted questions are asked and answered by Her.

Question 1: What is the real meaning of freedom in our path?
Sat: For Me, freedom means I am not captured by negativity and suggestions of the mind, feelings and emotions. To be released of sensitivity and also to [not] be fearful, hesitant, whatever the thoughts suggest to Me and I become one with it. When this starts falling off, there is a freedom, there is a huge space to move around happily. We are the only one that captures ourselves and no one else. As much as we want to condemn other people for our discomfort or our lack of joy, it really has to come back to the fact that even if someone does us wrong, our sensitivity towards that is our pain. It is not just the words that are being said to us. So, really turning everything back to the self, to the ego-self, to the body and mind self and releasing first the thinker, the “I am such and such a person,” and then taking the such and such person into the expansion of one’s own Reality.
That to Me is freedom, a lot of people might have a different view of freedom, but this is what I looked for when I started My journey to end the suffering. Then I found out that the suffering is only from within. I started remedying that and this is what we are doing here.

Question 2: May I ask for Your guidance to help me strengthen my focus and to keep myself conscious and less scattered?

Sat: Again, we come back to first you have to notice that you are scattered- just watch that. Watch yourself be all over the place and do nothing about it. Just watch it. By watching, you begin to see that part of you that you want to correct. It is not a decision of “I am scattered and I don’t want to be.” What does that even mean? How far can you go with this idea?
When we watch our thoughts and our reaction to things and our busy body, then we begin to really understand that it is happening and then we can question ourself, “What am I striving at? Where am I trying to get to? Why am I keeping myself pacified to this extent? Why am I not present?” And then you have no judgment, you are just asking and I am not saying you should ask all the questions I just told you. Whenever it is necessary, you throw one in and then just be quiet. The answer is not going to be from the mind, “oh because I am busy … it is because I have too much to do …” etc. No, this questioning should take you to silence right there! Because you are facing the dog. We don’t look for a solution, we look for elimination through understanding.
Look, the world has looked for a solution for many problems and we see that it has only multiplied because we did not question our quest. That is all I believe in.

Question 3: What is the best remedy for those times that circumstances and emotions push us towards depression?

Sat: Immediately don’t believe it! Immediately reject the feeling as “not me.” Immediately! It comes up, you do the exact same thing and you really need to mean it. You really have to realize that what comes to you and goes away is not you. It is just passing ideas that turn to emotions of sadness or depression. If you identify with it, you are going to have to go after a remedy or [have] exhaustion. You just have to pull your acceptance away and you will see that immediately it will vanish.
It is really amazing how we were conditioned to take upon ourself, the suffering that we have accepted, by accepting the mind’s gymnastics and the emotions’ tantrums. Just disidentifying with it! Now, disidentifying is not a temporary remedy- even though you might have to do it many, many times. What you are doing is pulling the Truth of yourself out. It is not out of suggestion. It is not taking a negative situation and trying to force yourself to look at it positively. You are saying to yourself “this is not me.” And you are telling the truth, then the Truth will support you.
Question 4: How can one deal with observed or experienced unfairness in life?
Sat: I would like to ask this person, who told you that everything will go your way? We are in the creation of duality. Duality means opposites; in other words, injustice is there and just is there. Ugly is there, beauty is there. What are we accepting? We can’t even have our mind stay on the unjust; it doesn’t. You try it.
In other words, sometimes we will be so emotional that it is almost unjust the way we react. But whose fault is it? It is the fault of ignorance. Not understanding the nature of where the body was born and the nature of our true Self. Injustice is a part of the justice; it is a flip of the same coin. Throw it away! Being neutral is freedom, going back to the first answer where the question was about freedom. When you are neutral, meaning that you mind your own business of your Reality, then what do you care?
I look around- when I look at politics, I see nothing but ignorance. I don’t call it injustice- I call it ignorance. But this is the arena to drop your ignorance because you are born as an ignorant person. Your soul has been around this ignorance. It was taught to be ignorant of its Reality. So, what do we do? We mind our own self.
We make sure that when we leave our body, we are much wiser- as far as knowing the Truth than when we were born. And that is the goal of life if there is one. Just close your eyes to the injustice and the justice.
Spirituality as I know, perceive and sought was to go beyond the opposites, not to make a negative positive, or to turn a bad situation into good. That is not My path, that is not My approach. I just want to be done with either side, in order to do that, you have to have equanimity. You have to be in the middle, unmoved, neither this side nor that side. And that is self-realization. Otherwise, we can find fault until eternity and we can find perfection. Neither one of them is the way we perceive it.
Question 5: This question has several parts.
First part of the Question: I have a question about the audio from After Livestream on April 12, 2024. In that audio someone asks You:
“Truth, Beingness, Existence, Awareness, are they all the same?
To which You reply: It depends how long you have held it. Yes, Consciousness and Beingness is one and the same, and you can call it soul, if you want to put a name on it. But subtler than the soul is the spirit (or Totality). And there is no difference, except in the subtleness of it. So, if we go back to that Pure Existence that the ‘I am’ can take you to, the only difference is the subtleness of it.”
-In the first line of this quote You say: “It depends how long you have held it.”
My question is what do You mean here by “how long?” Does it refer to the duration of the meditation? Or does it refer more to how long we have been doing this practice throughout our life?
Sat: I think the answer was pretty complete. We are just dealing with the logistics of the words. When the Truth is spoken, there has to be contemplation on it personally. Otherwise, it would be My explanation and My realization rather than your own. When we hear the Truth and it sits in our heart, the amount of time that we spend with it, it shows our subtlety of the experience. So, yes, it doesn’t mean sit in a meditation position for hours and hours, it means to contemplate on it and keep it in the forefront.
2nd part of the Question:
I have been meditating with one of Your amazing guided meditations on experiencing the “I am” from Sai Center on April 17, 2022. Or the “Consciousness being Conscious of Itself” guided meditation. Both of these practices take me to a deeper and more conscious silence and feeling the presence.
Is that the “I am”?
Is there a tangible difference between “I am” and the Pure Existence?
Sat: When “I am” is scattered into pieces through the senses, the body and mind, it is a personality or the ego. When “I am” is held purely by either feeling your Beingness or being Conscious of Consciousness Itself, which is one and the same, the other scenery, the other knowledges, the other reasoning mind shuts down. I call that pure “I am.”
When the pure “I am” transcends to the more subtle Existence that is Omnipresent and is the only Existence, then the ego is finished. Ramana talks about that greatly. The same as Nisargadatta- to hold onto the “I am” as just the feeling of being, which is the same as the ego. Then ego as personality dies down and it merges to this infinite space of just Beingness, that is not limited to one body.
3rd part of the Question:
I don’t know if I have ever experienced what You talked about in the first quote, where You had said “So if we go back to that pure existence that the ‘I am’ can take you to, the only difference is the subtleness of it.”
Is it because I haven’t stayed with it long enough?
Sat: I don’t know. I don’t know. All I know is each person has to testify to their own realization. Listen, what is being discussed here to My understanding is the highest Truth that a person can be aware of. It is very, very hard to understand it through the mind, and a question and answer does not sometimes quench it, because we are hearing it in a way that we cannot understand it. It needs time, it needs contemplation, it needs usage of it. But I can only say that even though what we are talking about is very rare compared to the population of the world, that do not know about it, but still, there are a few men and women who have realized it and are sharing it with others. It is not unique but it is rare. So, we each have to have patience with ourself and develop more and more understanding as we hear it, as we hear it. And then we apply it as we understand it well. Most likely it is a lifelong unfoldment.
Ramana says something really interesting- he was realized suddenly without any background at a young age. They asked him about it and he said “I had done my work in previous lives.”
I don’t know where each of us are standing, and [in] how long this understanding turns to realization. But I do know just the fact that we are on the phone, or we can hear this type of teaching- whether we know it or not. I hate to call it teaching, this type of sharing, we must have done our work in other lifetimes. But that does not mean this will not go on to be more of a grand way of seeing things. So, again we just have to say “this is my life and it is a beautiful life because I am being fed …” I am being fed Myself, you all are being fed and just plug away.
There is no guarantee, there is no time, there is no way to say how each person can have a better understanding. As far as I am concerned, the biggest blessing is to be showered with the Truth and then whatever happens, we let it happen.
Question 6: May I ask You to elaborate on the last part of the Divine Mother Meditation (11.9.22), where You say:
“Whenever we feel a slightest remembrance of Divine Mother, immediately we should acknowledge Her right at that moment, knowing that Her Presence is healing. Even if the world seems to be out of balance, we know that Her purpose is very high and perfect.”
Question: What is this purpose that is very high and perfect?
-Sat has remained silent and clarification is asked for on whether or not She is on mute.
Sat: No, I am not speaking, I am just sitting here and zooming.
What is the purpose of a mother in the life of a child? The purpose of the mother is to solve the child’s problem, teach the child to have self-confidence, to stand up, teach him morality, teach him how to be a good human, to teach him who that child is in reality, to show the child its faults, its weaknesses and turn it to strengths. The way I review it is I am sure that energy is always there invisibly, but when it was revealed to Me visibly, I felt like the mind of humanity as a collective mind was going to a place that needed some cleanup. Needed some direction, needed some hardship, not as a punishment but as a correction, and some love. Beyond that, in a more mystical way of how this creation is being worked through the Divine Mother, I wouldn’t know, I have no idea.
All I know is that this energy was introduced to Me as a very important point in creation, and I followed it. You can call it blindly or I felt it in My heart that it is the way to go and therefore I shared it.
Question 7: Would You please explain what it means to create a concept from the Truth that we are being taught?
Sat: To not really understand the depth of the Truth but to keep it on the surface of the mind, and making it rules and regulations or something that is a fact. Instead of throwing it around as something we heard that this is how it is, it is best to experience it and then realize it.
I can say we are all Divinity and you can go and accept that but still identify with your body and mind- that is a concept. What is not a concept is you ask “why am I not the body and the mind? What is Reality, where is Reality, what does Reality mean?” which has been shown to you through the wisdom and the knowledge. Just putting it into a deeper understanding. I see people throwing things around baselessly. That is a concept rather than realization.
Namaste to all of you.

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May 21, 2024

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