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Purpose Of Being In The Body

Sat discusses the purpose of being in the body by comparing the night dream to the daydream.

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Mandana: I’ve been thinking about this temporary life span, the fact that I only occupied this body for a short period of time under the name of “Mandana” and when this body goes away then it’s going to be released. What is the purpose of this temporary existence of “Mandana” in this body for this period of time?

Sat: Well, it’s a very, very complicated and very important question. If we can say a goal, it would be to wake up. It would be like a night dream, Mandana goes to sleep and has a dream. In the dream you ask the same question that you asked Me. The purpose of the dream is only apparent when you wake up. When you wake up, you say, “Oh what a dream I had,” and you can even tell a few people around you what happened in your dream. So, people find purpose in many, many things in life, purpose to accomplish something, purpose to go some place, purpose to see something, etc. But honestly all of that happens still in the dream, so what is the purpose of that, because it ends, as you were saying.
The only way to understand a dream is when you wake up, then you separate yourself from the dream and you say “Yeah… that was a good dream” or “It was this way or that way.”
Mandana: I have to really contemplate on this. Every word You say I have to think about it and it means a lot. Thank You so much.
Sat: Sure, yes, contemplation is very, very important because it makes it yours, it’s no longer Mine. When I say “wake up,” it really means to realize who you really are and at that time you know the nature of the dream as the dream.

Question: Dear Sat, this question to some extent has something to do with what Mandana asked. The Truth has been given and submitted to us by You, Baba and many other realized beings. Why do we still struggle to understand and accept that this body is temporary, how can we always be ready, as death will not give advance notice?

Sat: Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. This is why I was saying that the goal of life is to be awake, just knowing that whether you realize it or not, whether you remember it or not, just knowing that this body is temporary. And also being able to dwell on the death of the body, really is a rude awakening, you get used to the idea and then you begin to dwell on the eternal part of yourself. What is it that stays eternal? What is it that goes on? What was I before I was born? And these are all inquiries that if someone has a fear of death [they] should do.
There is so much opening by just contemplating on this type of thing because the mind shuts down because it does not know the answer and then the awareness will give you information.
Mandana: You mentioned “mind” vs. “being aware” and that really clarified the difference between these two words- thinking all the time vs. being aware all the time as two completely different things that I had never paid any attention to and how one is different from the other. I always occupied my mind with a lot of thoughts but many times I wasn’t aware of the situation at the present time.
Sat: Yes, that's a very good realization you just had there. Thinking is always old; it always comes from the memory that gets carried into the future. When you are present and you feel your own Presence, Existence, then you are aware, you are aware. Then the words and the thoughts don’t have the same quality as before, they sprung up from a source that is much purer. Yes, that’s how it goes.
Farnaz: Dear Sat, also when You said we should inquire and ask those kinds of questions and then the mind shuts down, and mentioned how awareness plays at that point, it opened up a lot of things for me about why You always emphasize self-inquiry and contemplation. Something clicked for me that I didn’t notice before about why we are asking these questions.
Sat: That’s fine.

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Purpose Of Being In The Body
May 24,2022

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