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Practice With Enthusiasm

Sat talks about the joy of doing everything with love in the form of enthusiasm.

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Meera: My dear Sat, recently You told me to do Omnipresent Meditation with more love for merging. I really see the lack of this love in my practices. I noticed that the reason I like to do this practice is because I don’t want the personality or I see that my ego is just causing trouble. This practice helps me to remember who I really am. Do you mean to love that silence?
Sat: Anything you do with love there is a better result in it. The love should be in the form of enthusiasm to feel that oneness instead of feeling the separation. That to Me creates a lot of love, the reason you love Me is because the place in you that would like to be nourished is being nourished. So do the same thing with your Omnipresent Meditation. Get nourishment there!
Aida: My dear Sat, loving You is the answer and the remedy to everything.
Sat: Yes, I am not asking you to choose (laughs), I am just saying to have the same outlook when you do your practice. (Everyone remains silent for a few minutes)

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Practice With Enthusiasm
March 8, 2022

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