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Personal Will is Brutal

Sat discusses how the belief in one's own personal will strengthens ego identification and is brutal. Instead, if we can relax and consciously let things be, we can move with the rhythm of life and enjoy perfection.

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Personal Will is Brutal
Summary: Sat discusses how the belief in one's own personal will strengthens ego identification and is brutal. Instead, if we can relax and consciously let things be, we can move with the rythm of life and enjoy perfection.
Adrienne: You really helped me put a finger on this thing that I have been trying to understand- the personal will. Throughout my path I [felt that I] have to make something happen, I have to focus and I have to make something occur. It’s just been a path of destruction, tearing the fabric.
Sat: Yes, yes, I am glad you caught that tonight because I think it is one of the most important points. Personal will is brutal, it is brutal and yet in society we are so encouraged to do that! It really, really makes the ego strong; it makes the personality strong. I think the more we relax, not out of stupidity, but a conscious relax, a conscious letting be, the more we are in the rhythm of life - that’s where the miracle takes place!
Humans call it a miracle, but in another way of looking at it, it is our natural state. Perfection in other words. Yes … it is a vicious cycle - I came to realize out of a lot of pain! Having said that, it does not mean you will not use it but you are aware of it now. Now you have a choice and if you cannot use that choice, please know that it is ok, the window is open now, it takes time.
When you turn off the fan even, the blades go around for a while and maybe somebody comes in or you yourself turn it on again by mistake, but you know where the switch is now. The tendencies and the impressions that the birth had put on the personality that is being built there, is not an overnight thing. It is like chiseling with the Sword of Truth and sometimes the Sword will fall out of your hand, it’s ok, you know where it is, right by your foot. You pick it up again. We are not scrambling in the dark anymore.
Adrienne: The more I feel peace, the more I realize that when you are driven by personal will, it is such a bad feeling. You are the only voice who I have ever heard that has said that’s not the feeling, that’s not what you should be and that’s not what you should follow. I don’t know if I have ever heard anybody on this planet tell me that other than You. I don’t know how to express my gratitude.
Sat: Your gratitude goes to your heart - you are deserving of all of that! I am so glad that you mentioned that it just doesn’t feel comfortable. It is something that was forced upon us out of ignorance of hearsay. I am so glad that we realize this and the more we realize it, the more our life moves by grace. In a way, it moves so amazingly by grace that you are dumbfounded, you say, “Wow … how did that happen … how did I come at the right time, at the right place and in the right moment?” So, I am glad that it resonated with you, because it is something that was very uncomfortable for you and as soon as there was a release, you really accepted it openly. No, it is [like that], in religion and in spirituality they talk about discipline and will and that just strengthened the ego. Some enlightened soul once said it’s not about realization, it is about elimination of who we are not. (Giggles) In other words, by eliminating that, what’s the problem? One of the things that feeds it is what you said and that’s why it feels uncomfortable, because something in you knows better and is trying to direct you the other way by feeling uncomfortable.

Reno Center
1/25/2022 and 2/01/2022

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