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Patience, Empathy And Sympathy

Sat explains the real meaning of empathy, sympathy and patience.

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Farnaz: Dear Sat, how can we develop a deep and real sense of empathy, sympathy and patience?
Sat: What is it that you really want? Empathy, sympathy and patience? And if you have all three, how do you want to spend it? On what? Have empathy, sympathy and patience for yourself - that translates to the people around you. (Remains silent)
I don’t mean that we sit down and say “poor me…” this and that- no! Empathy, sympathy and patience is to your practices, to your perseverance, and to see through things that are painful- that empathy. If we don’t have something for ourselves, how do we give it away? And if we do give it away, how lasting is that? We all make that mistake, we go out of our way to give other people love, when we see how much we are suffering from our way of thinking and we don’t do anything about it. Or our emotion is out of whack- most people in humanity go and help those who are emotionally out of whack. It always starts from the Self and we are all learning that. And that’s a permanent solution! Then the sympathy becomes real sympathy and the empathy [comes real empathy]. I assure you that we all have a very soft heart- all of us, or we wouldn’t be interested. So let’s not be harsh on ourselves, at least not for now!
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March 1, 2022

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