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Our Lives Have Changed

Several people talk about the impact of Sat’s teachings, not only on their lives but also on people around them. Sat indicates that when we find our own joy and peace, it just ripples [out].

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Mandana: I came across a quote from Shams of Tabriz about joy and sorrow. This has truly been my experience before and after my joining the group, where now I feel mostly joy which is different from happiness, the joy you really feel inside. I can see that my joy brings a lot of excitement and light around the house. Everybody else blossoms and is happier. Again, I really appreciate that, thank You so much, there was a big change in me and I would not have been able to get here without Your teachings and Your support, thank You.
Sat: Thank you for sharing, we all have experienced that is the biggest help we can give to our family, every one of you if you had to share tonight would testify to what I am saying right now. Because you went after your own peace, your home began to have peace. Because you went after the joy, and I am glad you said joy and not happiness, then the house takes that light. People think that it is in doing for others and for themselves that they get joy out of it or peace. But it is so opposite of that; when we find our own joy and peace, our own blossoming of the heart through love, it just ripples [out]. We see it within our own family but it goes beyond that.
-Farnaz shares that that has been her personal experience with her family and expresses her gratitude.
Sat: Yes, we can either be at the mercy of events and reaction to the events, or we can be at the mercy of the grace by association.
Adrienne: I recently went to dinner with a family member who I always had had bad arguments and conflict with. This time I went with the conviction of “I don’t believe it … I don’t believe this mirage anymore.” Everything was different, he and his children were nice to me, it was very strange. I said to myself, “I do not believe this illusion anymore that there has to be conflict” and it worked. It was amazing.
Sat: Bravo, bravo! Look at how fast the fog evaporated without you doing anything about it and I mean mentally and emotionally.
Adrienne: I was shocked!
Sat: We can either be under the laws of creation or we can be under the grace of God. Not even laws of creation, laws of being a human because the law of creation is love (human means a personality having conflict with a personality). Or we can release ourselves in that association with Truth. You accepted the Truth before you went there instead of the appearance and that is what happened to you. Now you know!
-Gopi shares about an experience she had had earlier today. She was on her way to pick up one of her grandsons with her other 2 grandsons in the car, but because of traffic they were running late. Usually her grandson, whom she was picking up, gets nervous and anxious if they are late picking him up. But on the way to the school, her grandson in the car suggests that they do the Light Meditation to help the situation. By the time they got to the school, he was outside waiting with a smile on his face. Her grandson, who had suggested they practice the Light Meditation during their drive, says to Gopi, “I told you let’s do the Light Meditation.” Gopi was very pleased and says that was the highest joy of the day for her which she wanted to share that even the children are grateful to You, I am so grateful to You, and even children recognize Your greatness and all the given wisdom that You have provided them. Thank You so much, I love You.
Sat: Yes, I am glad that it is taking roots farther and farther and to other people and to other kids.

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