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More On Understanding

Sat discusses the difference between understanding and tolerance.

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Saranya: I have a question from last week’s chat. You spoke about understanding people and said, “It is way beyond compassion; it is understanding that heals and changes people. It is a divine understanding and that comes from ripening and giving understanding a chance, and not listening to someone with a premeditated response. It is spontaneous, it is very open and it needs interest to understand people to be able to gain this art.” I could never feel this when I’m in worldly drama. I could see I’m struggling and I want to leave the place because I can’t find any quality there. I’m really struggling. So my question is: Am I failing at understanding people or am I failing to be open in different situations?

Sat: Well, if you are failing, I am failing too, I am serious, because there are people that I can’t stand their company. Now, I don’t have any other feeling towards them except that I don’t want to keep their company. I am going to take it to a level where the essence of it is, not what the face value of it is. Because at face value, again, we get into character- be a good person ... don’t say “I can’t stand it” etc. I don’t know how to deal with that. But on a deeper level, once you know that Divinity is Existence and nothing exists but this consciousness, then you find it within your own self. When you realize that you are that consciousness, everything else will turn on its own wheel; you don’t have to adjust to anything.
Having said that- it does not mean that you have tolerance towards personalities that are full of ignorance, in fact most enlightened people, as loving and passive as they are, their tolerance to ignorance is not that great. So, I wouldn’t worry about that. And when I said “understanding,” I was talking about for example if someone comes to you and confides in you, or if there is a conflict with your daughter, your husband, sister, or another relative, etc., just see their side at that moment. Not so much the unity but as a personality, what is making them so angry? Then you feel something in you that is beyond compassion. You feel like, “I am ok with this person because I know where they are coming from … now I know how to help that person by giving them understanding.” But that does not mean that you go into a society that they are greedy, they are this, they are “me, me, me” and you should be ok. No, you shouldn’t be ok because if you are ok it means you are one of them. Does that answer your question Saranya?

Saranya: Yes Sat thank You so much, I was thinking that I was ok before when I was one of them. But now that I follow Your teachings and tools, I am certainly not ok now. Thank You so much.

Sat: No and you might be more not ok for a while until that expansion is within you. Even then, you don’t have to mix, but you leave them completely alone. Like I said, as long as we are working on our own self, as they say in all religions, “knowing God is knowing oneself,” then everything else will fall in the right place. Somehow you get a deeper understanding, somehow you know who to love and show love to.
I remember I saw people doing crazy stuff in the name of service, which to Me as an outsider felt more damaging to the people they were doing it for, because it was out of a compassion that didn’t have the understanding in it. I had given a talk on that - that sometimes the biggest love you can give to someone is to stay back and ignore them. Sometimes the biggest love you can give to the person is to hang up on them. It is not all lovey dovey and romantic; it needs the wise-ness in it. And that is because if we ask ourselves, we really don’t know what is good for anybody. So even to that extent you don’t have to worry about it.

US Chat
Feb 15, 2022

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