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More On “Am I A Man Or A Woman?” Meditation

Sat elaborates on how to do the "Man or Woman" contemplative meditation correctly.

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More on “Am I a Man or a Woman?” Meditation
Summary: Sat elaborates on how to do the "Man or Woman" contemplative meditation correctly.

Nilu: Sat Joon, yesterday, we were doing the guided meditation asking ourselves “Am I a man or woman?” “ Am I good or bad?” and all those questions. While I was doing that meditation, by innerly asking those questions I could feel that I’m neither of those. And when it got to the line asked, “Am I temporary or eternal?” … I know I’m temporary for sure, this whole thing is temporary. Then I was thinking about eternal and I didn’t have any understanding of it and today when I was going for a walk I was contemplating on eternal and I thought when I realize what I need to realize there is no temporary or eternal, they may be opposite of each other and there are two sides of the same coin. So I just wanted to ask You if You can explain the eternal, If You may. Thank You.
Sat: Well yes, your realization is right. Eternal is only spoken of when there is a temporary. When you go beyond both there is no question of eternal or temporary. But I would like to talk more about your meditation from last night the way you explained it. This meditation, when you ask a question, you don’t analyze. You just sit open and very, very conscious! As if you are watching the question being asked, and that silence will give you the realization of who you are not! So, we don’t use the mind whatsoever in this meditation, we just throw the question in and be quiet and vigilant!
It is an extremely powerful and beneficial meditation when it is done correctly. You said that with the first few questions you went into silence, that’s it, keep it as far as that [is concerned]. Yes! Then when you come out of the meditation and you go for a walk and you have a question about eternity, then you contemplate on it. But for the meditation itself, just being conscious is enough!
This way Nilu, the silence will prove to you that you are neither one - not any type of analyzing.
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