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Moment Of Life

In this audio excerpt from a US Chat, Sat discusses the beauty and importance of not taking thought and shifting our approach to the source.

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Sat: It’s really a beautiful topic of sharing tonight - not taking thoughts. Some places are very conducive to being able to not take thoughts. And the memory of having moments where there was no mind and everything went perfectly lingers on, and can be recreated by letting go or saturating yourself with things that inspire you, or being aware of the moment of light.
What we are is so much beyond what we think we are. All of you shared a glimpse of yourself and you were all in awe of that grandeur, even though just the surface is being touched. (Remains silent) We gave so much value to what is not us, what does not belong to us. And now we are shifting this approach to the Source. As we do that, who we were not and we thought we were, and the world that goes with it, become ridiculous.

USA Chat
July13, 2021

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