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Maturity Of Love

Sat explains what mature love really is and its different stages.

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Sat: You see, the way humanity experiences love, it isn’t love! It is a shadow of a love because it is also at the mercy of change, at the mercy of emotion. Sometimes the emotion interferes with the love and it becomes intense. Sometimes the emotion cools down, it just is not permanent!
Maturity of love is when you realize that everything you want, the Lover, the Beloved and the Love is you! It is the Self, from that source of recognizing yourself as the Source of love, then you don’t even know you are loving, the love takes over your life. But it is a soothing love, it is a healing love, it is a giving love. It is not of you; it is that which IS! Now, it sounds very abstract, but that is all I can do!
But the heart has to go through this maturity of intensity, at first the worldly love that we have and it is a give and take, very, very temporary. Then we start loving God, which is more permanent because it is affecting, it is burning our impurity in ourself by one-pointedness. But beyond that, it is just the Self, just the Self! That is a true, mature love, when it is realized that all along there was nothing but one Existence, one Self, one Beingness! So, we all go through different stages until we come to the purity of divine love.

Maturity of Love
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June 20, 2023

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