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Love Finds Love; Hate Finds Hate

Sat discusses how love attracts love.

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Love Finds Love; Hate Finds Hate
Summary: Sat discusses how love attracts love.

Aida reads the following quote from Sat: “When we see people’s purity, even if the appearance is chaotic, they eventually show their purity. When we see impurity in people, we keep them there. That’s the base of love - to see purity and to give encouragement. People never change if they are not encouraged to a higher platform, not verbally encouraged so much, but to really see the potential of being discovered. Love is the key, love is the door, love is the space, love is the other side of the door. Love finds love, hate finds hate. So when you love, it finds [love], it lodges [itself] in people’s heart, because that’s where the love is and then they crack open and those will dedicate their life to this love.” (3/21/21)
Sat: Yes, that’s really the truth of the matter; the ego is so in tuned with finding fault and it doesn’t get anybody anywhere! It is not beneficial at all and every one of you has experienced that the more you advance and have this true love, the more people around you shower you with love. As if love finds love and the more people keep animosity, unforgiveness and hatred, they go on living amongst that. And they wonder why their life is full of this type of thing.
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