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Let Go of Worry

Sat gives advice on how to let go of worry and stay in your being in the midst of chaos in the world in this audio excerpt.

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Adrienne: I look at things happening in the world, I worry about them and I think I give them too much attention. Do You have any advice on that?

Sat: How is it working for you?

Adrienne: It feels like a never-ending merry go round paying attention to it.

Sat: Ah huh, that was a very good answer, it always is. Remember something - anybody who you listen to on the news or hearsay from anybody, their base is in ignorance and confusion. Nothing is as it appears, so why give your ears to it? Let these types of situations in the world, etc. make you so frustrated that you go into silence more and more. Because any solution comes out of silence, it never comes out of chaos. The world right now is in a very, very confusing place, so it is best to stay low and not give much attention to it because it only aggravates the energy of the mind and will not have any benefit except to bring fear, sadness or worries, etc.

Instead of that, if we let go, let go of the future and the matters of the future and mind the business that we have in front of us, whatever it is, then we find out that days go by and we are ok, we are just ok. So, this is what I do and this is what I encourage everyone to do. The future is very, very unknown and now is very comfortable if we stay low, no matter what happens around us. That is the best advice I can give and I hope you take it to heart, because I asked you, “How is it going for you?” and you said, “Yes, it’s like a dog looking for its tail, trying to catch its tail.”

Yes, this is an opportunity, look what happened to us during the heights of COVID 19 or whatever they name it- we came to be together and the benefits have been huge. So let another obstacle make us even more ---so it depends on how we look at things as to what we get out of it. Leave all that confusion aside and find your own clarity, relaxed in your being and all will go well.

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August 24, 2021

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