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Let Go & Stay

Sat teaches us how to experience our own perfection through the practice of Let Go and Stay.

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Sat: I’d like to talk about what it is to be able to let go and Stay. Letting go and Staying is an art that we can easily adapt- if we understand it well.
And it goes like this: when we are comfortable in our own skin, we have let go and Stayed. When we do everything with ease, we have let go and Stayed. In order to be able to put that in use in our daily life, and as a way of approaching life itself, we have to have some sort of preparation, and that preparation is understanding- understanding what it means.
Just imagine that you are looking at the sky and watching the clouds come together and separate, in different shape[s] and form[s]. In an ordinary way, we look at the sky and we decide to see what shape these clouds take, and we analyze [them] and we either give it some sort of meaning, or we admire its beauty.
What if we looked at the sky, just looking and allowing everything that happens with the shape of the clouds and sun peeking out from behind the clouds, and have absolutely no job but to witness it- just witnessing it! And we feel tranquility in our body and mind without any reason. Because the mind does not have to come up with some sort of explanation and analyze every movement of the sky.
Not that we are blind, or we close our eyes and we decide to ignore the clouds- we are simply witnessing the clouds form and separate. That's all!
And this is the way that we can practice with our emotions, bodily discomfort and our thoughts.
Now, we wonder at times “Ok … if the mind is calm and the body is calm, then who are we? What is it that is going on?”
Just imagine that all of this play of creation, it is in one dream of a divine Dreamer. In the dream, although all the events and activities are coming from the imagination of the Dreamer, the Dreamer is the only thing that is not visible in there! If It were visible, we would wake up from the dream!
So the same thing applies in the daytime. The whole creation takes shape in the day time, when one wakes up and the Dreamer of the day dream, which is the divine energy, is not visible in the dream, only the activity of That is visible.
In order to identify with the Invisible that is the source of our being, first, we have to understand, through Stay and let go and Stay without judgment, who we are not. And what is left, we CANNOT say what it is, but we know it by the effect of peace, freedom, fearlessness, and all sorts of perfection.
So again, we come back to not only through Staying without judgment and witnessing, we realize that things can be more perfect than before, but also, we have a glimpse of ourself. But we cannot explain what it is that we are except like I said, through the peace that the mind experiences, and the tranquility the body experiences, and the contentment that the sentiment experiences.
So, this in a nutshell is explaining the creation, the Creator and how to go back to our nature, through understanding of not only what we are not, but also just Beingness is who we are!

Private Recording
Let Go & Stay
June 22, 2023

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