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It’s Our Time (08/21)

In this video excerpt of Sat, She discusses what it’s like when one knows they’re ready for true freedom and then leads a beautiful gratitude meditation.

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Adrienne: I had a dream about seven or eight years ago, I was on an airplane, it was a Sai Baba plane. I had a seat and even had my seatbelt on, I asked the attendant, “Can you wait? I want to go get my mom and my aunt,” and I left my seat. I always remember that dream and I just realized that there is something deep down inside that I was not ready to let go of, it wasn’t even thoughts. It showed me that if you hold on too much to those old tendencies, it will just cause you misery. I had to learn that the long and hard way.

Sat: It is really interesting because Baba talks about that plane. He has said that the plane does not have enough room for everybody. He is really talking about the high consciousness. When we are ready, we sit on the plane and allow it to take us up. If we are not, then it takes a little bit more time for the attachments, desires, etc. We are very free that way to desire and be attached, but once we see it, then the next time we are on the plane, no matter who is knocking on the window, we just go like this (motions with Her hands, to cover up Her field of vision and therefore not be able to see). No thank you (laughs). Well, He brought you back to fly (referencing the years Adrienne had been away from Sai Center due to her move to Southern California).

Adrienne: I had to learn the hard way.

Sat: We all do, we all do. It is like a walnut, you bang [on] it and you bang [on] it, and then it cracks. It is not with the first bang.

Adrienne: That dream always made me question myself, “Why did I leave my seat?” I definitely learned something from it.

Sat: Yes, yes. Well, you didn’t leave the plane, your tendencies did and took the thinker with them. Now, you are free to sit on the plane and really dissolve the entity that you are not and be free once and for all.
This is our time. We are graced by the Truth. I am sure every one of you now wonders how other people live (laughs) without any clue as to how they can be more comfortable in their own skin. It is almost an addiction to pain out of ignorance- not knowing! We have all been there. (Remains silent for a few moments)

You know what I think we should do? Close your eyes and put your hand on your heart, right in the middle. Abandon yourself in the silence, your true nature and be loudly grateful. Thank You Guru, thank You Self in oneness with Guru. Thank You God without form and in the form of Gurus. Thank You for whatever brought me to the point of more peace, more joy, more freedom, and more release. Let’s sink some more and let out an even deeper gratitude to the Self, to the Guru, in all Oneness. (Continues to remain quiet)
Now, let’s even go beyond our gratefulness and sink even deeper. But consciously sinking, to the point that we feel nothing but this tranquility, where there are no words, no reason, no cause, no this nor that. (Continues to remain silent)

Namaste to all of you.

8/29/21 - Sai Center

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