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Is Having Our Gaze On Our Heart The Same As Being Aware?

Sat explains in detail how to bring our attention to the center of our Being.

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Question: When we are unconscious, my understanding is our attention is all mental and [has] risen. When we let our energy sink and our gaze is on our heart, we experience silence. The external world vanishes. Without awareness this is a deep sleep. Is having our gaze on our heart the same as being aware?

Sat: The mind starts thinking and bother the thinker and then when we descend the energy to a quiet place, the thinker and the thoughts settle down and they are comfortable. The reason I say be conscious in your silence and not transcend the world with your silence, is because the silence you experience and the wind and the tornado you experience in your mind- when you go back and forth between these two, you realize how accessible your true nature is to you. It doesn’t have a specific location as I call it the heart. What I really mean is bring your attention to the center of your Being. And the center of your being is not located in one place, it is eternal, it is expansive!
When you see the difference though between chaos and the depth of tranquility, little by little in the day to day, you are able to bring the balance of that state of tranquility into the chaotic life. It is not one or the other anymore. It is a continuous knowingness that “what I see is not what I am … what I experience is not what I am … what is being suggested to me is not who I am.” Because you have gone to the depth enough to know that the surface is a part of the depth and you are not so moved by it.

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November 30, 2023

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