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Impressions & Memories

Sat talks about how to erase the impressions and memories through wisdom and understanding.

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Aida: I remember last year having a situation that I was really having a very intense, upset reaction to. You told me “I don’t want you to even have this strong of a reaction because that is going to leave an impression and impressions are what we come back for.” Is there anything more You could tell me about that?
Sat: Yes, impressions are what incarnates. The more reaction we have, the more sensitivity we display out of ignorance, the more we are bound by an earthly life. It is really, really hard to explain it. I hope these few words can say it. I will give you a very, very simple and small example. Say in childhood you smelled something, some smell came to your sense of smell and it left an impression. 40 years later, you are walking down the street, whether in the mind or in the senses, you sense that and immediately it brings 40 years ago back- where you were, how it was, and the story starts rolling.
Say you were a child and something happened to you that took a lot of reaction, inward reaction, even if a child does not scream but something really affected the wellness of the child. That impression stays and can take lifetime after lifetime to erase it. And what erases it? Wisdom, understanding!
You are right when you go beyond the mind by going Home, the impressions get faded away from their roots, that is the only solution. That is the only permanent forgetfulness, because the grace erases it. Or, you leave everything at the feet of the Guru or God, but that needs total surrendering, where ego does not exist!
Sepideh: Dear Sat, recently I was in a situation and I did not go with my past impressions and memories. Every time the thought came that oh this is what’s going to happen, I told myself do not believe it, and I remembered your words and the practices and I did not go with the past, with what I expected to happen. After a few months [it] was resolved in a totally different manner. And then I figured out that not that I changed the course or cured myself of any of that but just by purely not going with what I expected based on my past experience, I gave the situation a chance to go in a different direction. Basically you leave room for something new to happen instead of the old stuff.
Sat: I totally agree with you, yes. I totally agree with you; this is one of the ways to get rid of the impressions and memories. When you take the reality of something and you really mean it, you really mean it, again not just lip service, that’s what happens.

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April 21, 2022

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