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I In The Midst Of Me Is Mighty

Sat elaborates on "I in the midst of me is mighty"

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Sat, You have talked about the mystical meanings of quotes Jesus Christ. We have Some questions submitted to us regarding some of the comments you have made . The first question is about “I in the midst of Me is mighty”. You have said “ I in the midst of me is mighty. “ What is this I that in the “midst of me is mighty”? It is not ‘I am a child or a daughter, or a Guide or a Guru.’ It is just simply the ‘I’ and It is mighty because It is a universal mind- the mind of God or God Consciousness. It is not a personal mind; it is not a divided ‘I’ or a personal ‘I’. It has grandeur and encompassing Existence.”
The questioner is asking Can You please explain the part where it says “It is mighty because it is a universal mind.” What do you mean by that?
Sat: In other words, what I was referring to was Consciousness. Pure mind, pure heart, pure Consciousness are one and the same. There is no difference. When the mind is empty, [it is] as if you say that the Consciousness is pure. When I say “empty” it doesn’t mean it doesn’t think, it just thinks from a higher place. It is not an ordinary thinking. It is more intuitive thinking. It is more spontaneous thinking. It is more effective thinking. Omniscient thinking- that is what I am referring to, not a human mind.
Is that the same as when You talk about the mind and the heart merge and are the same?
Sat: Yes, you can say it that way. I have explained it before- you can use the personal power which is quite limited but it looks as though it isn’t. Or you can use the Omnipotent power- which is the only real thing!
Thank You Sat!
Next question is about “Be still and know that I am God”. You have said “Be still and know, it is a fact, when you are still, you know that the ‘I am is God.’ Meaning your Existence is God, your Beingness is God, why? Because there is only Beingness and Existence, without Beingness & Existence, none of this maya would be in motion.”
Can You please explain what is meant here by “without the Beingness & Existence, none of this maya would be in motion?”
Sat: Listen, if you did not exist, would you be aware of this maya? You had to exist before this maya came to your attention, to your consciousness! You cannot not exist and experience life! But that is a fraction of that Omnipresent Existence! You see, it takes our attention to Existence rather than what exists.
What exists is outside of us and the five senses follow it. Here is what is existing outside in the grass and the sound of the birds, the scene of the trees and water, etc. Then we say “Oh my gosh, look at how beautiful the nature is. Look at the existence of nature because I stamp the existence of the nature.” But we hardly think that the same Existence that is in the tree, in the blade of grass, in the bird, in every molecule of the water is the same as Mine, yours and God’s.
We are so in tuned with division, with the divided that we are constantly having a problem to see that there is a base. It also says in another audio, “just think of a canvas, without a canvas you wouldn’t have a beautiful picture, painting.”
That is why the realized beings say self-inquiry and contemplation is important. Because it even makes sense to the reasoning mind. There has to be an Existence for this manifestation to exist in it. You put your feet on the ground, so the ground is the Existence where your feet can hit it, can stand on it! That is just a very ordinary example to make the point. Namaste

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Jan 04, 2024

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